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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Young Lady's Resilience and Love Inspires

"A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge."-Thomas Carlyle

Epilepsy affects millions of people, with devastating consequences to families across the world. Those who experience this know firsthand of the pain that it causes, and those who love them are faced with an array of issues. Yet there's a shining light in upstate New York, that knows the value of love, courage, and how its all tied together. Kelsey lives in a small town, with a family who deeply loves her, yet it is she who has taught them the true meaning of love. Love. This word is used so often, that you could find millions of Hallmark cards with it enscribed in them. People say "I love a football team," or "Love this weather!" Yet that is not true love, which is filled with courage and a determination to help others.

Kelsey is a fifteen year old young lady, whom I admire, because she has the mindset described aptly by General George S. Patton. That is "better to fight for something than live for nothing." This brave soul has defied the odds, battling seizures that have caused her immense pain. Even with this, she is an honor roll student, and has helped her younger brother and countless others. This was because she discovered God, which is love in the highest form, and taught this to her family. She has continued to spread this message of love, even while dealing with seizures, and not giving up. Her church and other youth have learned about being a champion from her, and dealing with adversity with an "I can do" attitude, which is much easier to say than actually do. Yet Kelsey has done this, and shown a remarkable level of resilience that you just cannot put into a bottle.

I want to personally thank Kelsey. Her story has deeply moved me, and made my week so much better, through both tears and smiles. As an imperfect man in an imperfect world, she makes me want to be a more kind person, that's willing to love people even more. It is easier to look at the negative things in life, yet she is right about focusing on what is decent and never giving up. Kelsey, keep doing what you are doing, because your family, and now a whole bunch of people are proud of you. You have strengthened my faith, and that of others. By the grace of God, we shall find a cure for seizures, but until that time comes keep kicking down doors and showing what true love is. Its a lesson that is of importance, and a reminder that love and courage can be combined.

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