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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Suck Feizures Buttons: Show Off Your Support and Help Destroy Seizures

Millions of people worldwide are affected by epilepsy, and its high time that a cure for this condition is discovered. There have been exciting developments, such as what the folks at Vanderbilt University's Kennedy Center have been working on, but its time that parents and children alike can rejoice with celebration. Too many have lost their lives to epilepsy,  and those who must contend with it on a daily basis are counting on us. That's right, while they fight we must join them on this endeavor, and bring them the relief that they deserve. It is a matter of a moral cause, and instead of shirking from seizures, its better to battle against them standing up.

"Suck Feizures," is an obvious play on words, yet it is what the parents of children with epilepsy feel about seizures. We are sick of watching our children suffer, have their developmental milestones hampered, and their lives to end far too quickly. I along with many know this firsthand, as I have buried my own son, who went to God at age five. I have no anger towards God, who's love is endless, but I do have a serious problem with seizures, and will stop at nothing to watch their demise become a reality. That's how the facebook group "Suck Feizures" was started, and how shirts, stickers, and now buttons have been created to help Vanderbilt's folks get closer to the finish line for a cure.

Go to, and see the cool buttons you can purchase. Each one bought helps with research at Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, and is a fine reminder of the aggression that's being waged against seizures. Suck Feizures is a strong statement, which is an embodiment of those folks who are fighting seizures, and those who love family members have that a condition that causes them. A purchase from this wonderful site on the Internet, started by a loving soul named Carmelita, will go a long way to both generate awareness and assist researchers. This is an effort from the heart, and I would like to personally thank Carmelita, and all of those who have been standing firm instead of sitting back. "All it takes is good folks to nothing, for seizures to succeed." That slightly altered version of what Edmund Burke said over two hundred years ago, is the truth in this matter. Now its time for you to decide, do you want to help a good cause by fighting with love, or just hope for something to happen? The first one is the only option, and I hope you will check out to be a part, of the fight that is being done with compassion, kindness, love, mixed in with determination for good measure.

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