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Monday, May 23, 2011

AOE-Angels on Earth: A Place to Support Angelman Syndrome

Although Kelly aka "Texas Tornado" lives in the Lonestar State, far away from the confines of the Commonwealth of Virginia, she has a fine store that you all should check out. Its called AOE-Angels on Earth, and has done an abundance of good to raise awareness about Angelman Syndrome, along with providing fine merchandise. While I'm obviously a fan of the "Tommy Collection" for obvious reasons, I like all of her designs. Her son Kiano has Angelman Syndrome, so you know that her work comes straight from the heart. She is a warm, kind lady, who has meant a lot to many families, and I can assure you with every bit of my conscience, that her store is a retailer you can trust on the Internet.

Geography nor distances separate the love of God, which is infinite, and she is an inspiring person who doesn't believe in "tossing in the towel of defeat." Instead, she wants to fight seizures head on, along with raising awareness for Angelman Syndrome, with the heart of a prizefighter that won't be tko'ed. That's right, she's going all twelve rounds, and then some. If you get a chance, be sure to check out This is a fine place to get merchandise that makes a difference for so many, and her artwork is among the best that I've seen. Unfortunately, I don't think my stick figure designs will qualify, but her graphics are of premium quality that cannot be replicated.

So what are you waiting for? Just click on the link AOE is a fine company, that delivers the goods. You will find everything from shirts to jewelry, along with information about Angelman Syndrome, including references and sources that might answer questions about this medical condition. That's a winning proposition, and I would personally like to thank Kelly for her support, along with her willingness to help Vanderbilt University's Kennedy Center. They are doing great research with regards to seizure activity, that might lead to developments not just for those with Angelman Syndrome, but other medical conditions with epilepsy as a component. God bless you Kelly, and I am thrilled by my t-shirt, and wear it with pride. It has taken a lot of abuse, and looks as good as new after days in the woods or being put in the washing machine a million times. The water bill might be high, and the electric company might make me scream, but that shirt can take a licking and keep on ticking. AOE was created by an angel on Earth, for angels on Earth.

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