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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Steven Rouse, Your Love Never Ends

"Tell my Mom I love her." The final words of Steven Rouse, who was only 22 years old and from Greenville, North Carolina. A young man in the prime of his life murdered, stabbed multiple times, with hatred and aggression that have been seen since Biblical times. As a father who's lost a child, I cannot even begin to comprehend the anguish that his mother Portia Rouse is going through right now. To wait several days for her son's body to be cleaned up of multiple stab wounds, all because he was bullied for being different. The autism spectrum is wide, but what is not is love, and reading about Steven has intrigued me although I wish he had got to continue his dream of being an orthopedic surgeon. This young man had Asperger's, which is on the spectrum, and despite that had a genius IQ. Yes, he was different from most with some quirks, but they were lovable. A young man who loved all, and despite maybe not being as verbal or outgoing as others, his last words speak volumes. He loved to give hugs, and was living quite well in his new apartment.

Two evil men bullied him for a long time, and on October 19th stabbed him to death multiple times. On the gofundme page to help his mother Portia with final expenses, she stated "Who expects to bury their own 22 year old son who's been murdered?" I watched her at the funeral service on video, and cried many tears. This poor woman spoke with love, resolve, and with a determination to make sure something like this never happens again. She spoke of forgiveness, and plans on continuing Steven's legacy of love by supporting awareness with regards to autism and bullying. I commend her for her efforts, and if you can help in any amount, please go to

Next week will be Tommy's six anniversary of his passing. There will be time spent by his grave, and tears will certainly be shed, as he'd be eleven years old right now. Its a hollow pain that cannot be put in words, because the emptiness and heartbreak are deep, soul thrashing in nature and no parent should ever have to go through this. Yet Portia Rouse is. And in her case, there is far more pain, of which is just profound beyond any measure. Watch her speak and you will cry, and that's okay, because Steven loved to give hugs, and his life was one cut short by the evil of bullying. Yet you can help by either spreading this message of love, or making a donation to her gofundme page that was set up by her friend Robin Suggs. God bless her, Portia, and Steven who's certainly in Heaven, and pray for her as she needs all of our support during a time no mother should ever have to endure. "Tell my mom I love her," despite being stabbed multiple times, shows the love of a young man who should be fulfilling his dreams.