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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Vienna ES 5K: Team Tommy First Run 2015

It was a lot of fun despite the somewhat rainy weather, to engage in the first official Team Tommy 5K run about two weeks ago. There were some nerves prior to kickoff, because as most runners know, being with a group rather than alone can change a lot of elements. The worst one is the "pushing yourself too fast," and while tempting it didn't happen, as I completed the 5K a bit slow. 29 minutes and some change, but you know what, it simply doesn't matter. Almost two years ago I could run a 7:30 minute mile over 13, or under a 6 minute mile if bet enough cash. A tear of the LCL led to surgery, and to be frank, I'm just flat out happy not to walk with a limp anymore. That got pretty old, looking like the AARP card and senior discount coffee would be served prematurely, along with the chest high plaids approaching at ludicrous speed.

The run was the first official one I wore the Team Tommy shirt. No one asked any questions about it, but that's okay, and the goal was mere survival. The fun part was watching Tommy's younger brother run his first mile event, and he loves the ribbon he got for completing it. He ran with his Pop Pop, both having a blast, along with a grin at the end of the race. When the 5k started, I got in the middle of the pack. The whistle blew and the group of about 500 or so took off. I felt good at the beginning, but the hills did seem to be larger than I remembered. While the red shoes felt fine, the legs did feel sore, and my breathing was more labored than expected.

You'd never know how much it meant to see that finish line. There were times I thought "I can't do this." Yet somehow I maintained a clunky pace, and when that line was crossed, I breathed like a labrador sweating under the sun. The past couple of weeks there have been some small runs, but mostly weight work. In the coming months, two to three more official runs will be completed, and hopefully more awareness. Thank you to all who've been supportive, and here's to you all getting out there and being active. #teamtommy