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Monday, May 23, 2011

Heroes in Research: Dr. Edwin Weeber

I often joke with my doctor, "Were you last in the class, because I still have to call you doctor right?" He thankfully has a good sense of humor, and when he told me "You need to lose some weight," my response of "isn't that both of us?" provided him a chuckle. Doctors across the world are working in molecular pharmacology, which is a real tongue twister. Yet there is one that deserve kudos, and that's none other than Dr. Edwin Weeber. He has been working with mice, and has been able to genetically modify them to have Angelman Syndrome, and cure it. That is a huge deal, because as we all know, this discovery is going to lead to the ultimate breakthrough. This is not only for Angelman Syndrome, but other chromosome related disorders, as well as providing new ways to get rid of seizures.

Dr. Weeber's information is provided in that link up above, and I plan on writing him a thank you letter, for his hard work and dedication to a noble endeavor. If you can, I am sure that he would be appreciative, because his work is groundbreaking. God has provided him with an intellect and resolve to go through hours of tedious experiments, that are providing hope, and one day will help stop seizures and cure Angelman Syndrome and other medical conditions. He is a hero, because of his level of dedication to the cause. Kudos to Dr. Weeber, and best of luck with your work, because a lot of folks are counting on you to cross that finish line!

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