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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Shenandoah River Rises and Falls, Yet Calm Ultimately Prevails

This past weekend it was an honor to spend time with great friends, on the banks of the Shenandoah River camping. To be a part of the outdoors, is a reminder of the beautiful canvas that God laid out for us, and that there's a lot more than our egos, baggage, and drama which we all carry. The clear waters were higher than normal, but the waters had receded from a storm several weeks back. Trees were still where they should not have been, and the campground staff gave us a detailed picture of what kind of damage they had sustained. The river's fury ripped apart numerous pieces of equipment, including a playground, with water lapping at houses on the embankment over two hundred yards away from the basin. Through hard work, that required day and night effort, the staff was able to clean up the campgrounds enough for people to spend time there.

One of the staff called the river "angry," during this period, and this analogy seems a bit harsh. Looking at its majestic beauty, I found it difficult to attach an aggressive term to the Shenandoah River, which has numerous explanations for the origin of its name. This same spot we were in is known for being a habitat for Bald Eagles, and is a place of refuge for city folks, who want to remember what stars in the sky not being blocked by lights look like. I like the river being a reminder of life in general, as there are times when the current is not to our liking, yet it ultimately recedes, bringing new landscape and infinite possibilities. Although a lot of the weekend was fun, there were periods of reflections, about the battle to find a cure for seizures.

A lot of folks who have epilepsy, or those who love people with seizures, might be able to relate to the river. Some days are smooth, yet others are full of horror, with angst caused by the fury. The flow of life and water alike are so similar, as is the race to find a cure for seizures. There have been ups and downs along the journey for this cure, but ultimately the waters shall clear. The anger will dissipate, and even though being on a boat in these waters is a challenge that could best be described as trials and tribulations, a cure for seizures must be found. Too many people are in a lifeboat right now, hanging on for dear life. We need for their waters to calm down, which can only be done with the love of God and the guidance He provides researchers working tirelessly. As we flow down the river, may He provide us a lifejacket.


  1. God I pray to you today, I pray for you to lay your healing hands onto those who suffer from seizures. Lord I ask that you place the Holy Spirit into the lives of the doctors and scientist that are currenlty working on a cure for the seizures. Help guide them to that cure so that the people with seizures can once again have peace in their lives like a calm river. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!

    Beautiful Mike, we truely do need a lifejacket in our lives, and only HE can provide that to us.

  2. Carmen,

    God bless you for your kindness, and we all need to pray, and work to get the job done. I know we can do it!!! He can only provide the lifejacket, but we can provide the boots on the ground :). We will find this cure.