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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Signs of Purpose-A Noble Cause That Helps Fight Seizures

If you want to show your support and solidarity, to those who contend with seizures caused by an array of epilepsy conditions, I can think of none better than a "Suck Feizures" sticker on the back of your car. Do you like cool designs, that are truly inspired by the heart, which is full of blood, sweat, and tears for a good cause? If so, check out Here is where you can get stickers and signs from a kind lady named Bridget, who custom designs these in a variety of sizes. "Suck Feizures" is a strong statement, not out of anger against God or those who suffer from them, but rather it is a battle cry against seizures. My five year old son Tommy lost his life due to seizures, and so many other children have as well. Others have had their cognitive abilities and enjoyment thrown a lightning bolt from this menace, which must be stopped NOW.

Each "Suck Feizures" sticker from helps Vanderbilt University's Kennedy Center Seizure Research project. Its a win-win. You get a cool looking sticker, of which I have ordered and am impressed with the quality, along with helping a noble cause, that God willing will provide help for those who have been through so much pain. The colors of the stickers are incredible, as you can pick from every spectrum of the rainbow, and make a statement that you are a fighter. Your car will say "I stand", instead of sitting down in misery, just wishing instead of taking these seizures head on. Remember what the Grandpa said in "Grumpy Old Men". That was, "You can wish in one hand, and crap in the other, and see which one gets filled first." Burgess Meredith's lines were not eloquent by any means, but one cannot argue with his reasoning.

Everyday, there is a child or adult suffering from seizures. I have buried my son, and while it is painful, I have faith in God and the good works being done by folks like Bridget. She is taking a stand, and I hope that you will as well, because while nothing in life is guaranteed, the very least you can do is fight. The sting of battle is what we all should be participating in, because when we destroy seizures, we shall have the biggest party ever. That day is in sight, its sooner rather than later, as the Vanderbilt team and others are working furiously to get the cure so many hope for. Epilepsy affects millions of people across the world, and seizures do not discriminate. Let's stand united, and with a reason. Signs of Purpose does that, and their site at is a much needed boxing glove in eliminating the menace of seizures.

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