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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thank you Belgium, Denmark, India, Iran, Jordan, Latvia, Mexico, Phillipines, Turkey, and Vietnam!

The fight against seizures is a global effort, as epilepsy does not discriminate, no matter what country you live in or religion you consider to be your faith. We all have something that unites us, and that is a willingness to get rid of seizures forever. When starting this blog back in January, I had no idea of the global reach that it would have. So many folks from countries across the world are reading this, or following it, and I cannot thank you enough. While I think of my boy Tommy everyday, who passed away from an Angelman Syndrome related seizure in 2009, I also think of the kindness across the globe. It is an honor to welcome folks from the countries of Belgium, Denmark, India, Iran, Jordan, Latvia, Mexico, Phillipines, Turkey, and Vietnam. According to Google's Audience feature on this blog, kind folks from these countries are reading this blog.

Living in the D.C. area, I love the diversity of the area, as I've met people from these countries. Its fascinating to learn about different cultures, along with history, music, food, and to share fellowship with people from far away lands. Although the blog might not be as personal as a face to face cup of tea, or exchanging of recipes, nonetheless I cannot say thank you enough to those who are reading this. We have so much in common, as we are all related to each other. Its not going to be exclusively a one country effort, rather its going to require international collaboration to find a cure for seizures. Through this, perhaps the world can be a better place, as we can all celebrate something so beautiful, pure, and worthwhile of blood, sweat, and tears through actions of love.

Thank you to all the decent folks from these countries, who are reading this blog. Peace be with you, and your families and friends, whom will be instrumental in stopping these seizures from shattering so many lives. We are separated by borders, and sometimes governments that get in the way of our efforts to find a cure, but by the grace of God we are in this to win it. Our hearts are all in the same place, and I'm grateful for all of you, along with hoping that the folks at the Angelman Syndrome Foundation and Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, with our research institutes, will find that cure sooner rather than later. We must improve the lives of all people with seizures, by finding that cure that's within our grasp.

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