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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

As the Fireworks Boom, Our Children's Seats in Heaven

Today the USA turned 236 years old, and as per the tradition, parades, hotdogs, beer, and fireworks were in abundance. We just sat out and lit some off, watched the ones from our town, and I sat back with a cigar looking up at the sky. I looked back at my son's younger brother, and thought, "gosh, does he look like him." Tommy is in Heaven, and its hard to believe that my wife and I, were at the Nation's Capital Fireworks show twelve years ago. The Fourth of July was Tommy's favorite holiday after Christmas, as there was no paper from presents to tear apart, but he used to smile, grin, and flap his arms with enthusiasm when the fireworks went off. While his younger brother was far more serious tonight, kind of watching with trepidation, it brought back some good memories while puffing away on that Rocky Patel. There our whole family was, with Tommy's teacher nonetheless, watching the fireworks.

Tonight, there are two families in the Angelman family, who've recently been in the same position, as we were in 2009. I cannot promise you that life will be peaches and cream, but even as spirits are crushed, they can be rebuilt into something new. Consider it like a butterfly in some regards, because while you are going through such pain that even the term "heavy heart" isn't strong enough, your lives will coccoon into something that you'll see. There are signs all around us, of a loving God, and rest comfortably knowing that our children, while they are far away in Heaven, are close in our hearts and with the ultimate provider.  May you run into a Brother Bill, or someone along the way, that shows you the signs that there is a reason for everything, no matter how painful.

There will be tears on this journey. You will feel sadness that shakes the very essence of your souls, and there will be anger, and a whole host of emotions, that will slap you around like a bolt of lightning. Yet, there will also be comfort. There shall be peace. The waters of grief shall part, and while they will always be a part of your life, they will help you see your existence in ways never thought of before. Tonight our children have the best view of the fireworks. "The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven," describes the front row seats up there, and our children are healthy, happy, and vibrant. While we must share tears, we at the same time, have an obligation to honor our children's memories. They are forever a part of our lives, until the day we go to see them again. Just like the founding father's of the USA gave up a lot, we have no doubt paid a lot in emotional turmoil that no one should have to go through. Yet carry on we must, because just like those fireworks, the best is yet to come.

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