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Thursday, June 28, 2012

You're Dead but the World Keeps Spinning: The Eels and Loss

The Eels are perhaps one of the strangest bands out there. They make Coldplay and Radiohead on their most oddball songs, seem quite normal by contrast, and for that reason alone I have to say that I admire them. They are the furthest thing from a "cookie cutter band," and their cover of Prince's "I Could Never Take the Place of your Man," in acoustic is great, as is "Novacaine for the Soul." Yet "The Last Stop in this Town" is my favorite. This song has provided peace, although I'm still trying to figure out, why the lead singer is speaking to a carrot that's cut out to have a mouth in the video.

I hope that the Eels if they somehow stumble upon this, or one of their friends, will realize from the heart, that I made a mistake last week. This song is often in my Ipod, and I just figured out that I lifted "The World's Still Spinning," to describe the pain of losing a child, to others who've just found themselves in this position. I hope they do not mind, as it was meant to provide comfort, and nothing more than that. If they want to sue me, I'm worth about fifty cents and a couple of wooden nickels. Oh, there's lint in the pocket that might be vintage 1993, but other than this, the old thing I have of this age is some baseball cards from back in the day.

Are you have a bad day? We all do from time to time. For those of us who have lost a child, prior to our own passing, it seems as if the cruelest form of punishment imaginable. It is in many regards. I can't in the depths of depravity, of what I have seen with my eyes in positions that have tested my faith and the very essence of my soul, even begin to explain what it is like. It is a nightmare, and two families in the Angelman Syndrome Family went through this tragedy in the past week. Our hearts all go out to them, as while there is sadness, at the same time there has been an outpouring of love and support. They feel these prayers I am sure, even as tears as moments of soul searching and sleepless nights, are part of their lives for the moment. There's no end time for this to occur, as each person handles the loss of a child differently, and that's okay, provided that they do not physically harm themselves or others.

To the Angelman Families across the world, thank you for being there for two of our brood, whom in the past week have experienced the pain of thousands of knives to their souls. Through the tears may they feel our support, and may it continue always, down whatever path or form that it takes. I'd like to thank the Eels too. They are often popular at college campuses, and have provided comfort not only in times of pain, as this song is about the singer's sister ending her life. The lyrics are powerful, and a reminder of what was, and what still is. That is more questions to be answered than known, along with a wish for clouds of hurting ,to fly away into the Heavens. I am profoundly thankful for this song, as its not only a companion for jogs and walks that are spiritual in nature, but its a reminder that each day is a blessing to be valued. As for the carrot, I'm still trying to "get that."

You're dead but the world keeps spinning
Take a spin through the world you left
It's getting dark a little too early
Are you missing the dearly bereft?

Taking flight and you could be
Here tomorrow
Taking flight, well, you could get
Here tonight

I'm gonna fly on down for the
Last stop to this town
I'm gonna fly on down then fly away
Well, alright

Get down

Taking a spin through the neighborhood
The neighbors scream
Whatchya talkin' bout?
'cause they don't know how to
Let you in
And i can't let you out

What if i was not your only friend
In this world
Can you take me where you're going
If you're never coming back

I'm gonna fly on down for the
Last stop to this town
I'm gonna fly on down
Then fly away on my way

Get down

Why don't we take a ride
Away up high
Through the neighborhood
Up over the billboards and the factories
And smoke

I'm gonna fly on down for the
Last stop to this town
I'm gonna fly on down
Then fly away on my way
Fly away

Get down

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