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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Angelman Syndrome Families Across the World: One of Our Own in Maine

There were many prayers yesterday, thoughts of kindness, along with love shown by the Angelman Family. It is with profound sadness that one of the members of our brood, is going through such soul crushing pain this morning, as their angel gained their wings last night. A beautiful, precious 11 year old girl is in Heaven, while Mom and Dad, grandparents, cousins, siblings, all try to make sense of what doesn't. It is so hard to lose one of your children, its as if you've died a thousand deaths. Even though so many of us have been in this position, you are supposed to outlive your little ones. Yet that is not always the case, and its a painful road that words cannot aptly describe. Yet, even with this heartbreak, this family and its extended one with different names and backgrounds across the globe, should be proud today, even as tears are welling up around all of our eyes.

Yesterday was love personified, as people of so many nations, released pink balloons. These pictures are no doubt comforting to this young lady's family, but all of us who cannot see Heaven, where those balloons ascended with her into God's loving palms. This young lady's family did every single thing they could do, to help their daughter live, and right now they are in, no doubt a place of shock and pure agony. We must be there for them. If we are their next door neighbor, a simple act of kindness can go a long way. As for all of us around the world, I cannot stress enough, the importance of a heartfelt prayer directed their way, will go. They will feel it, I promise you that. Sending them a message of love, whether it be on their facebook walls, or a card, can help with their pain, and all that matters is that you show them that you care. If you can, by all means help with funeral expenses.

The past week has been sad. An answer that all of us were looking for, was not provided, for reasons unknown. That is frustrating, and whether you are a believer or not, that is alright, because there is more in this life that we don't know than we do. There are going to be tears to come, but yesterday as a simple man who lost his son to an Angelman Syndrome seizure, I let go of the anger that I felt when hearing about this young lady being in a coma. Yes I prayed for her, and am devastated for her family. Yet at the same time, I'm more than impressed, very proud this morning, having witnessed not only their love, but the love of folks from across the world as an angel flew above the clouds. We live on a planet that often forgets what really matters, being there for each other, but this morning starts anew. May this spirit of kindness, and pink balloons live on, not only for this young angel in Heaven, but all whom inhabit the Earth.


  1. :) Hugs back, this whole family we have, even in pain, is phenomenal