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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Angelman Family: Around the World, Heavy Hearts

I sit here in shock. Alongside so many other folks, I do not have an explanation, to why two angels have gained their wings this week. There is a time for eloquence. I'm afraid that is not in the cards tonight. To think that two children with AS are gone, their parents hearts ripped apart like that, leaves more questions than answers. People including these parents, have every right to a handful of emotions. I am angry. I am sad. I am frustrated. Most of all, I am devastated for these families.

I used to think I could save angel's lives. That was a mere delusion. I'm not a doctor, not a man with a PHD, and have graduated more from the School of Hard Knocks than any degrees and certificates I've picked up along the way. I wish I could wave a wand, and make seizures, accidents, and other issues related to AS stop so many families from crying tonight. Yet I cannot. Its beyond my control. I do not know the particulars yet, but I do know that there's a family crying their eyes out. There are people with children whom have Angelman Syndrome, who they love so much, that they would die for them if they could to have a better life.

These are the toughest of times. This is when we must band together, and support these families, and each other. Has there been times of arguments and disagreements? Sure. That happens in families. Yet whether you support the ASF, FAST, or both, we must continue to support them. Its better to have two rounds in the chamber against Angelman Syndrome, which these organizations and their researchers are doing right now. They are equally saddened and frustrated. As I wrote a few days ago, researchers are intense, driven, unbelievably bright individuals. Yet they are human, and I am sure they are crying along side us.

There will be no picture here. None is needed. The emptiness of that spot best represents what is felt right now. Two angels gone this week. To parents, grandparents, and siblings of angels, I hope you hug them even tighter tonight. There is nothing I can promise you. There is so much out of our control. Yet what we can do is band together, and support each other through this tragic period, and show these families that we love them. Today. Tomorrow. Always. Each day is a blessing. We don't know when it will be our last. Angels are champions in every regard. Its up for us and them to get it done. Tears and heavy hearts yes. But resolve, most definately.


  1. Hugs right back, and to all. Through the pain, and through the joy, no matter what.