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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Engage! Combat Seizures Head On

I love the Wharf line from the Star Trek movie, where he says "Perhaps todays a good day to die," as he battles with the Borg. That is one incredible scene, and is a lot like the outer space version of John Paul Jones and his battle with the British close to 300 years ago. Seizures are a major issue for people around the world, as one in ten of us are going to have one, and epilepsy affects millions. Seizures are responsible for the death of my son, and so many more, as SUDEP is a killer that throttles a person's life, and crushes so many dreams. While we cannot fight seizures in a physical sense, which is frustrating, we can combat them head on. Just like Captain Jean Luke Piquard of the Star Ship Enterprise used to yell, "Engage!"

Silence is acceptance. There has been enough of that, because while seizures do force families to spend hours with their little girl or boy, we must be out on the front lines. This can be done anywhere, whether its at an organized gathering such as a flash mob or conventional march, or through events that generate awareness to the pain that seizures have caused. Putting a human face on it, is how this battle shall be done, but even from our computers we can move mountains. Efforts on the internet such as "turning the White House Purple" are good, and keeping pressure on your local representatives in Congress is helpful. If we can gain allies, traction is going to help us pick up even more. It all starts with grassroots efforts, such as races, and other outdoor events. Making those personal connections is important, and now we have to help our fellow returning veterans, whom are going through Epilepsy disorders related to their times in combat zones.

There are groups like the Epilepsy Foundation and Cure, where you can start sponsor pages, and blogs are vital to getting out the word. Facebook and Twitter can generate awareness, and if you can help get one person to email their representative to support efforts at NIH, we are all one step closer. You might be skeptical of this, but from a former Congressional worker I know, he has told me firsthand that yes form letters are sent out, but if enough roll in, it is going to make it through to the appropriate channels in power. That is every nation in the world, and not solely confined to the United States. So whatever you can do, make a phone call, send an email, write a letter. Go out there with a purple shirt, pass out cards with a website you create, these efforts are all part of a battle that we are in. Engage!

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