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Monday, July 23, 2012

You are Going to Die Ha Ha!

Laugh because one day I'll be joining you on this title. While I cannot plan on how its going to happen, its written in the stars, and its my hope to live to well over one hundred years of age. Yet that is not up to a simple man, but rather God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but I do hope that when called upon, I shall be ready and it will not be an uncomfortable experience. The Naked Gun movie is one of the best ever, mostly because it is immature, but also because of that scene in the hospital, where Lt. Frank Drebin talks about horrible ways of dying. Here lies his partner in a bed, after being shot who knows how many times, as he is trying to console the wife. Great stuff, and while I don't want to fall off the Empire State Building and land on a bicycle with no seat, each and every birthday is a reminder, of not only my mortality but the ultimate reminder of getting goals accomplished.

In order to embrace life, you have to appreciate death. That's the bottom line. While I wish no parents had to bury their children, no grandparents, uncles, and aunts, didn't have to go down a road of such pain that a knives sharp edge pale in comparison, that's the reality of the situation. People, and children for that matter, die every single day. Hour upon the hour, like Headline News, and yet the world continues to "go on," even while a family's spirit is crushed. That is how it is supposed to be perhaps, as it is written in the stars, in the Heavens, that are so close to us, yet remain so far due to pure fate and a loving God who guides us along the crevices that threaten to swallow us into despair.

Its a fast paced world we live in. Until Tommy's passing, I never realized the importance of death in our lives, along with the necessity, of sometimes just appreciating a view, or experiencing new things in life. I'll never be wealthy with a heavy wallet, but what I intend on learning, well there will be a wealth of knowledge and experiences. I forgot who wrote that "life is but a collection of photographs and memories," but that is accurate, and each and every day is to be cherished. It is a blessing, and a reminder that when we wake up, that small ration of time is to be used productively. Whether you are spiritual or not, each time you wake up in that bed, count your lucky stars that you have a chance for new opportunities.

Death is an uncomfortable subject. I understand it when I see people squrim, but its coming for you, more and more every day. Do not jump out of a plane with a parachute obviously, but do accept the reality of this, and that your fate has already been decided. Love one another, and get out there, never giving up for a moment, standing up tall, with what life throws at you. This fishbowl we live on is temporary, yet our next stop, and the legacy we leave others is what is the most important. Stand tall and firm, because eventually one day I will, as a taxidermist is going to put my body in a bar, with a beer, and cigar in my hand in a jogging outfit. Then my road ID bracelet will be correct, "that I'm not running anymore."

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