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Friday, July 20, 2012

Freedom Summer: Why We Must Mobilize Against Seizures

Right now, there are children having hundreds of seizures per day. Adults are finding out that they now are going through these events of epilepsy, and we must find a cure. All of us can agree upon that, and much like Bruce Watson's "Freedom Summer," I believe "we shall overcome." There have been too many victims to seizures, as not only my son, but so many more have had their lives, stripped away from this menace that needs to be eliminated at all costs. It is an outrage, that only 1/2 of 1% of U.S. medical research goes towards epilepsy related research, when close to five million of her citizens, are contending with this. When you add that number, and put it on an international scale, it is even more shocking.

"Freedom Summer" was about the 1964 civil rights workers, who went into the then bastion of hate in Mississippi, and fought racism head on. Black and white, young and old, were brutally beaten and even killed. Yet, in defiance of so much brutality, they stood up. They did not give up, and while they faced adversity such as shotguns and dynamite, their spirit carried them on to many successes. Is racism still around? Yes. Not only in Mississippi, but in other states, other countries, it is a worldwide phenomena. A shame it is, that people have this hatred in their hearts, as it is a epidemic that not only hurts others, but those whom have it in their souls. Yet progress has been made, and in lieu of the brave volunteers, who often fought with each other and disagreed, they came together for a common cause.

That is why all groups affiliated with seizure research must do the same. We are not going to agree on everything, but we are certainly going to need to support each other. This is our time, and much like how Edmund Murrow withstood the bombings of London to describe what was going on, we must be willing to step up and be bold. This is going to require unity on that front, and it is unacceptable, that children right now are seizing up, having their cognitive abilities stripped, and brothers, sisters, parents, and grandparents wondering "Is this the time?" Many of us have been in those shoes, and they are heavy to wear, but even with that extra weight they must trudge forward. Even through pain, tears, and questions that linger in our souls each and every day, we must keep that lantern lit, so that no other children will die from seizures.

Its up to us. Whether you believe in God or not, you cannot help but admire the human spirit. It has been on display so many times. Whether it was the folks responding to evil on 9/11 with compassion to their neighbors, or the daily good turns that each of us are capable of, there doesn't need to be a "hammer to the Berlin Wall" type of movement. Rather, its just one of consistency and being constantly vigilant, on any sort of alliances we can make as human beings, as we are so interconnected. It does not matter what condition causes the seizures, but rather attacking together, just like those freedom workers, who set up schools and built a foundation is what we are called upon to do. It is an obligation. Yes it is painful, and there have and will be tears until we find a cure. Yet much like Dr. King said "We shall overcome," and that will be done through sheer resilience and tenacity that you cannot put a name to.

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