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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The National Aquarium in DC: Reflection Does Exist Everywhere

Reflection is so important in life. Sometimes it is just necessary, to contemplate what we have been through, and what we are supposed to do as part of our mission on this planet. Today was a joyous occasion, because while this past week has been very painful with Tommy's anniversary of what would have been his eighth birthday, going to the National Aquarium today brought a lot of smiles and some laughter. Those are important elements to living a purposeful life, and in many ways, looking at Tommy's younger brother's eyes watching the fish in tanks, made me realize that this world is our oyster. We are supposed to explore, learn as much as possible, and partake in as many experiences as we can. Going to the aquarium may not be climbing Mount Everest, or seeing the Great Wall of China, but it is a moment in time that was simply peaceful.

I will never be a rich man. Yet I will have in my heart, experiences both good and bad, that are lessons. These are more rewarding than any sort of financial gain. Today they were relatively simple. Patience. Yes, the ride in to D.C. was not easy with the Metro System experiencing its "usual delays," but we got to our stop safely. Walking around the Nation's Capital, and seeing people having a good time, made us all happy. Yet it was looking in my son's eyes, as he saw the fish, turtles, and even sharks swimming around that made it worthwhile. For a near three year old, he made us laugh, asking "are those fish going to eat the alligators?" "Can I swim with the alligators?" No! He got to touch the Megaldon Shark(now extinct) tooth, along with a great white's. Holding that Great White's tooth in my hands, I was amazed by not only its beauty, but what it is capable of. The highlight was seeing my boy hug a shark mascot, and then getting scared beyond belief, by a floating shark toy coming out of the store. When he misbehaves, I think I might just have to buy one of those. :)

Next week I'll be back at church, as that is where I like to go on Sundays. It is a place of refuge, from not only pain, but it also brings a level of peace that I cannot put into words. Our family has suffered, as so many others, and there's no rhyme or reason to it. Yet today, we were able to for a few moments, just enjoy being out of our usual element. It felt good, and made for a Sunday that, might have been simple but had plenty of lessons. Life is not fair, but it is an adventure, with turns that are often unseen, but lead to new knowledge. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. God willing it will be full of joy, new opportunities, and a deeper appreciation for the simple things in life. The world is our oyster.

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