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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Running for Angels: A Group Based on Love, Sweat, and a cure for Angelman Syndrome

Running either makes you smile or groan. As an occasional runner, who is able to pick up the pace only by having an angry dog behind me, I won't be breaking any speed records. There have been no "runner high's" in any event that I've ran in, but what one group is donig, is creating a lot of joy. Created by Jason Bernstein in Sept of 2010, Angel Runners, are a group of parents who want a cure for Angelman Syndrome.(Caused by a partial deletion of chromosome 15, for more information). Jason was so touched by young Reece, and other "angels," that he decided to have this group raise money for FAST, which is the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics, and they've been wildly successful. Much more is to come with his dedication and vision, along with his passion for other parents, and most importantly the angels whom we all care so much about.

Along with another group called "Miles for Smiles," the Angel Runners have raised almost $40,000 to help with Angelman Syndrome research. A lot of this is being done by Dr. Edwin Weeber, who's been able to give a mouse Angelman Syndrome, and cure it. We are getting closer, just like how the Angel Runners are to that finish line. When these kind men and women go out, they are as Jason says, "building awareness, raising funds for research, but also bringing families closer together." That is so beautiful, and they have events on a regular basis. One that is very exciting, is going to take place in the Windy City on December 3rd. That's right, Chicago where the FAST Gala is taking place, these brave and hearty souls are going to say "to heck with the Great Lake effects," and run a 5k in Santa clothes. Its called the "Santa Hustle," and while let's hope it won't be too cold for them, may they be able to hustle through this event to a warm place." This is an incredible effort, and just such another way of bringing the love of those with Angelman Syndrome and their families, that research in a fun and unique way.

Would you like to help the Angel Runners? Please do, by checking out their webpage at They have all kinds of events for good causes, and in addtion to helping charities, are establishing partnershps and also getting folks "moving." That alone is worthy of kudos, but their efforts with the folks at FAST are truly commendable. Feel free to join this group for one of their events, or if you don't like to run, you can still get one of their cool t-shirts. I plan on ordering one, and hope others will as well, as its a good looking shirt that shows an organization that was built out of love, and a passion for generating enthusiasm for folks by a good deed. Thank you to Jason and the folks at the Angel Runners, may you have continued good luck, and keep bringing families closer, along with a cure to Angelman Syndrome that everybody dreams of.

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