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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Angel Quilt Project!/pages/The-Angel-Quilt-Project/267961783227848

There is nothing worse in the world, than having to lose your child. We often complain about the most trivial of things, such as a bad day at work, or that the lottery ticket was just a few numbers off from winning some serious dough. Times are indeed tough for a lot of folks right now, but when you look at the grand picture, it is imperative to count your blessings. I do more now so, after having my perspective changed, with the loss of my son Tommy. He passed away from a seizure in 2009, and while I cannot say that I don't complain about being stuck in traffic or other things, I have come to the realization that there's so much in life that really doesn't matter. It is trivial, and even if having a crummy day, it is important to at least find something positive about it. That could be something as simple as "I have a job," or "Thank God today's almost over." These changes have really helped, but unfortunately I have not as yet learned how to forward the clocks.

The link up above, just take a look at it. This is a creation based out of love, that Susan was able to come up with, and she is an Angel Mom and a woman who has a big heart. She came up with the concept of quilts, throws that would be created for those whom have lost a child. This would include a picture of their angel whom certainly is in Heaven, surrounded by other children whom have Angelman Syndrome. (Angels). It would show them that folks around the world, and other angels care very much about their little one that has gone to God far too early, and that they are not alone. Alone. Yes, that is the feeling of a parent after going through such an ordeal. I felt that way for a long time, as modern medicine is so cutting edge, that certainly no other parent had to contend with such things. Yet walks around my son's cemetery, and meeting so many other folks has shown me, that I am not. In fact, its more common than we would like to admit, but it is the sad reality for a lot of people, that at this very moment, would be comforted by a quilt or throw.

Please help the Angel Quilt page by liking it, and although its still a work in progress, sign up to help. Quilters are needed, donations are, or by helping to let others know about it, we can all play a part in this. That parent going through such tribulations, will be directly impacted by your kindness. Think about that Mom or Dad receiving that quilt, when they feel alone, in such pain, and what it will mean to them. Sure, they are not ever going to get over the pain, but they shall get through it. This will help in that process, and be a physical way that they can both see and touch the love that is being sent their way, when they need it most. We are all so interconnected, and soon a paypal account will be set up for materials. More quilt warriors are needed, but there are a few signed up. Let's do this, let's make this happen, and show these parents that there are people all around the world, coming together at their time of need, to let them know that they are being thought about. It means so much when you are at the time of your greatest heartbreak, the loss of your own flesh and blood, and its a way that you can show all of your love to a family crushed.

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