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Monday, September 5, 2011

Death: The Harsh Reality

To answer some folks question, yes the passing of two children of seizures this past weekend re opens some wounds, but our hearts should be with them at this time. They are the one's whom are suffering, they are in immense pain, and they are the ones who need to know that they have people praying and crying alongside with them. All of us are going to die, and while this is not a comfortable subject, it is the reality. We do not know when we are going to be called home, as that is up to God and God alone. This is one of those times, where we have to take our hands off of the steering wheel, and just accept that sometimes God's wishes don't coincide with our own. When an older person passes away, we are able to celebrate that person's life, and while we will miss them, its much different than when a precious little boy or girl does.

Right now those two families, are in our hearts, as they are going through what can only be described as pure hell on earth. There is no worse pain, no more lonely of a feeling, it as if you've died yourself and your soul is crushed with a magnitude of misery that never seems to end. Emotions are all over the place, if you can feel them, but the prevailing one is shock. Nothing in your life prepares you for burying your own child, its against the grain, against everything we hold to be true. Yet it happens, as has been the case this past weekend, that has left two families grasping at everything they once believed in. Their hopes and dreams have been crushed, siblings are left without a cherished brother or sister, and they now as families have to do what you would not wish upon an enemy. That is to bury their own flesh and blood. Their babies. Their sister. Their brother. Nephew. Niece. Friend.

These families must feel our prayers right now, as they are experiencing gloom that is to hard to describe. When my son passed away, I just felt more alone than ever before, that the world had been turned upside down. I will never stop crying, nor shall these families. They will never get over it, yet my hope is that they shall get through it. This won't be easy, as the road that lays ahead of them, is going to be full of explosive charges and pitfalls that can best be called harrowing, and full of anguish. Each person is different, and handles such an event on an individual basis, but these families need to know that they aren't alone, that they have the support of family they didn't know they had. I don't know if others whom have been through this, and there are many, have felt this, but in my darkest days, it was if being kicked in the soul, and the pain emanated from everything and everywhere.

My message to these families is simple. Love one another. You are going to go through all kinds of emotions, anger, guilt, sadness, frustration, angst, anxiety, and so many more. There are going to be periods of time when the pain has a railroading effect, and there's no time frame assigned to it either. You shall not get over it. You shall get through it. Right now you are in the opening stages of a long road, and along this path, you are going to have to question everything you once believed, and face a new reality. Is it going to hurt? Yes. Yet at the same time, you are going to learn lessons that you never thought possible, nor wanted. And that is okay. Look out for those angels among us, and hold on to what they say. You might not catch what they are saying at the time, but look back at this when it is the right time, and know that you are never, ever alone in your pain. People across the world have been in these shoes, and while you cry and question everything from the value of life to faith, know that you shall overcome this crushing blow, and carry on. You shall stand upright again, and although there will always be a break in your heart, your spirit shall return in a new form. You will one day be reunited with your little ones, when God calls you home. He has them in the palm of his hands, and they are loved with such a passion, that does not exist on Earth.

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