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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Led Zeppelin's "All of My Love" : A Song Can Change With Time and Pain

Led Zeppelin has always been my favorite band, as their musical talents, are without needing to be even discussed. Their influence is even more so than the Beatles and bands from previous eras, and the vast majority of their songs I have always just been smitten with. Yet "All of My Love," was one that I never could get into until recently. Robert Plant lost his five year old son as well, and this song is a perfect representation of what a father feels after seeing his little one go to God far too early. Its painful to listen to, yet at the same time, it also provides some comfort due to Plant's passion, and the talents of band mates Page, Jones, and Bonham. If you are near a computer or have the CD, crank it up, and if you want to hear love, the 4:00 mark where Plant just wails "All of My Love," will aptly produce the dark shadows of missing that child of yours.

The lyrics of "At last the arm is straight, the hand to the loom, is this to end or just begin?" are so true. The pain never goes away ever. You never get over the passing of your child, finding them unresponsive, and having to just go through that knife in your soul, that just makes you bleed without the veins being cut. It tears you apart, and while there are good and bad days, that lyric of "is this to end or just begin" is a constant battle that you must face. You can get through the passing of your child, that is very much true, and face perilous days that make you question the existence of everything you valued previously.Your life will never be the same, yet it does not mean that it has to be a horrible experience. Instead, you must reflect on what is really important, and that is to continue on in the battle of life, as each day brings new challenges, but also possibilities. Each day is a blessing, whether good or bad, and full of valuable lessons.

So if you can, listen to that song, and hear Plant's heart pour right out on those vocals. With that voice, and the power of that song, be sure to give your son or daughter a bigger hug than ever, wrapping your arms around them to know that they are loved so very much. God works in mysterious ways, some of which coincide with our wishes, some of which are simply out of our control. I am not angry at God anymore, rather just a man whom misses his boy, and finds simple joys of a hug that much more fulfilling than ever before. In a couple of months the passing of Tommy's day will no doubt be painful. It is going to be rough, and the start of another chapter in life continuing on, through a cascade of emotions. Yet, his legacy lives on, as each of us only have a limited amount of time on Earth before being called home. Its what we do with that time, that really does matter, and none of us has to do anything special or over the top. Instead, what we can do is support each other, value the sanctity of life, and that each day begins anew. "All of my Love, All of My Love, All of my Love to You."

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