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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Angel Quilt Project: "Like it" on Facebook But Love It

Would you like to bury your child? Of course not. No one wants to have their child die before they do, it goes against the grain of everything we hold to be sacred. Yet it happens, much more often that we would like to believe. It doesn't just happen in some isolated region of some poor country, it happens in the most advanced hospitals and homes in the United States, or in parts of Europe that are considered "medically and technologically advanced," or places in Asia and Africa that have specialists that save lives on a daily basis. Yet its not always in the cards, as I'm the father of a child whom went to God far too early. Don't feel sorry for me, but rather do a good turn.

I know death of a child is an uncomfortable subject. That "d" word is uncomfortable for a lot period. However, by liking the Angel Quilt Project on Facebook at!/pages/The-Angel-Quilt-Project/267961783227848?sk=wall you are showing your love to parents in this great sadness. They are not going to ever get over, but God willing they shall get through their trial and tribulation, burying their little girl or boy whom they cherished so much. This project is going to help people who love to sew, design quilts with patches of pictures of this young girl or boy, who went to God too soon, and have them surrounded by other Angels.(Those affected with Angelman Syndrome, a partial deletion of chromosome 15). That is a powerful image, and shows that in the fabric and the pictures, the love that this family feels from all across the globe. They know that their beloved child, while in Heaven, is not forgotten here on Earth. These quilts can provide a little comfort, during their time of great sadness, and its something physical, they can either hang up, or cry into. Whatever makes them feel better, because there are going to be tears, feelings of anger and guilt, but there's also going to be hope.

It takes fifteen seconds to "like" this page. That's all, a couple clicks, and its done. You can feel good by just doing this simple thing, and families around the world will know, that you are thinking of them. If you can donate time by quilting, or even just $5 on the secure donation page on the left hand side of the page, that would be helpful with the materials, that aren't cheap. Any leftover money is going to directly help the Vanderbilt University Kennedy Center Angelman Seizure Research Project as well. Please at the very least, "like" this page. It means a lot for grieving parents, those whom love someone with Angelman Syndrome, and provides a powerful expression of unity with these fabrics being woven together with compassion.!/pages/The-Angel-Quilt-Project/267961783227848?sk=wall

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