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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The 4th Annual Bella Bash: Nashville, TN October 20th: Be There!

For those who have not had the chance to read Regie Hamm's "Angels and Idols" book, by all means pick up a copy, and prepare to cry and be inspired at the same time. This moving book, about the love he and his wife Yolanda share, along with their involvement with American Idol and their children, will have you realize the value of enjoying each day as the blessing it really is. Every year, the Hamm family holds a "Bella Bash," that's named after their daughter Isabella, who has Angelman Syndrome. This is caused by a partial deletion of chromosome 15, it is on the autism spectrum, and "angels" are warm and loving souls, whom deserve our support for helping them achieve their dreams, along with finding ways to give them assistance with seizures and other issues regarding this condition. Would you like to experience the hug of your lifetime, while also being entertained, and supporting a good cause? If so, be sure to attend the Bella Bash in Nashville, Tennessee.

That's right, the heart of music, and also where the love of many will come together on October 20th, 2011 in the fourth annual Bella Bash. Go to for more information, but here you can have fun with the "angels", and support them at the same time. The Hamm family's Angel Wings Foundation, and Vanderbilt's Kennedy Center will be happy to see you there, along with the following acts to see on stage. These include award winning artist Amy Grant, along with Bob Carlisle, Gary Mule Deer, The Martins, Tim Akers and the Smoking Section, and Becka Brown. This event will be held at the inappropriately named "Loveless Barn," but there will be a lot of love and soul there that night. You will see it, you shall feel it. There are no words to describe it, just be sure to be there and experience this passion firsthand. By going to this fun filled event, you shall enjoy a lot of good music, plus helping a cause that is so worthwhile, and those hugs will leave you knowing that you've done more than just done a good turn, but done something spiritually fulfilling.

Come on down to Music City, and enjoy the Bella Bash. Learn about her love, and the love of all angels. You can purchase tickets online, or sponsor an angel at Be sure to also purchase a copy of "Angels and Idols," if you can, so that you can better grasp what Angelman Syndrome is, learn a story that is felt by many of your fellow human beings. Each person has worth and dignity, and although angels are born with a deletion of an important chromosome, their love is second to none. Organizations like the Angel Wings Foundation and the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center are working hard to generate awareness, along with assistance on seizures, and perhaps one day a cure for this. With love to the Hamm family, and all they have done, along with the "angels" that have provided hope along the way, may you enjoy this event, and know what the meaning of true love is.

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