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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hope Reigns Supreme: Order a Decal or a Shirt and Help Harli Prove Even More This is where you need to go, to help a young lady with Angelman Syndrome, fulfill her dreams, and show her loving family even more of what she is capable of. She has already made a lot of progress, and in order to help her with the PATH, Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope foundation that has been set up in her honor, please order a shirt from here before October 31st. These help Harli, who has shown exemplary skills, including communication, for an "angel," and she is much loved. Her mom Tami is a go-getter who doesn't know the meaning of quit, and you could say, that this has been inspired by Harli, who knows love, advancing forward, and showing what the human spirit is capable of.

Wouldn't you like a cool t-shirt, that says "Hope Reigns Supreme", in a variety of colors, with a link to FAST(Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics) on the front? These are some good looking shirts, and if you order by December 31st, you will not only be "styling and profiling", but also showing your love for Harli and all angels by wearing this shirt. I can't wait to order one, and hope others shall as well, and the days for all of us procrastinators is soon up. Now is the time, so please go to, and help Harli get the chance to enjoy gardening, recreational opportunities that have been so beneficial for her successes, and have also led to joy for so many other people as well. If you aren't in the market for a shirt, consider a decal or other items, that are available from this store, that is built with love, and for a young lady that is the very definition of resilience. Let her have more opportunities for the art projects that she loves, help her with devices that allow her to live the "purpose driven life," that's so eloquently described in a book with that title.

"Hope Reigns Supreme," is so true. That's something that cannot be always held on to, or bottled, but it is powerful. We are closer than ever to a cure for seizures and Angelman Syndrome, than ever before. Until that day occurs, and God willing it shall, let's all step it up for Harli, and allow her to enjoy life to the fullest. You aren't only helping Harli, but so many who's lives she has touched, along with her family that cares so deeply about her, and only wants the best. At the same time, you can put on a shirt with a message that is true, and know that you've done your part, to bring a bit of hope to Harli. Please visit You will find love there, a quick checkout process, and will have a shirt that stands out, maybe not as much as Harli does with all of her kindness, but your compassion will most certainly be evident.

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