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Monday, June 20, 2011

Vote For FAST(Foundation for Angleman Syndrome Therapeutics) in the Vivint Gives Back Project

This morning I'm sweating. A lot of other parents are as well, as while we love the kindness of Vivint's "Gives Back" program, the charity FAST is now in second place. While I'm sure the other charity is a fine endeavor, FAST aka Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics is top notch. This group does NOT have paid staff, rather they are a group of parents whom have children that have Angelman Syndrome, and are doing everything in their power with benevolent doctors to find a cure. Through their work, they've already found a way to genetically modify a mouse to have Angelman Syndrome, and deliver a cure. Next up, will be other animals and eventually humans. Wouldn't you like to be on the right side of history, to see what's so close, just on the cusp of the horizon, finally being resolved?

You can do this! Every day, vote for FAST on Vivint's "Gives Back" page, that is located on Facebook. This requires a few keystrokes, I'm not imploring you to sell your prized train set or comic books, but to simply log in everyday and vote. FAST was in first place, but its now dipped to #2. That's fine and dandy for generating awareness of what this kind organization does, but winners cross the finish line first, and by the grace of God and by our voting, may that happen. Yet it won't if we kick back and do nothing. Remember that Edmund Burke line, "All for evil to triumph is for good men to sit back and do nothing? " While the other charity is not evil, nor is the contest, its time to vote and get the word out that FAST is the best charity, due to its groundbreaking efforts and being so darn close to getting a cure.

I cannot rewind the clock, as I miss my son Tommy every single day. Other Angelman parents are in the same boat, as we've lost our "angels" through seizures or causes related to this condition. There's no anger, but rather resolution to see FAST cross that checkered flag victorious, with the grant money going to them to find the cure. No parent should have to go through what a number of us have, and children and adult with Angelman Syndrome deserve a cure. Its 2011, and medical advances much like technology, are moving at the speed of light. That is why I ask you humbly, please cast your vote for FAST in the Vivint gives back contest. Thank you for reading this, as I appreciate your work FAST, and am appreciative to the warm folks at Vivint for giving us an opportunity. Now let's make that happen!

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