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Monday, June 6, 2011

Seizures: The Numbers of Folks Affected by Epilepsy is Shocking

As a society, we have come a long ways, in epilepsy awareness. Many years ago, in the Paleolithic Age when I was a teenager, I knew that seizures were a potentially dangerous health condition, caused by abnormal signals to the brain. Also, I was aware that a person who is having a seizure should be given space, to make sure the enivornment was safe, and to check for objects that they could choke on. I have seen seizures with my own eyes, and they are frightening. One of my buddies has had them, and I consider him to be a brother. Another person in my life who's had seizures, that I love dearly, is my son Tommy. Seizures ultimately caused his life to end far too short at age five, yet his legacy lives on, as does his ability to stand up strong.

There are over three million folks in the United States alone, that suffer from epilepsy related conditions. Most believe the number is higher due to undiagnosed cases, or the sometimes stigma that goes along with it. The stark number on the autism spectrum is startling, as a lot of children and people on it, are affected by seizures. Even if you only count the United States, with roughly one in one hundred people, think about the size of that group if it was an army. Now, let's go around the world and add some other numbers. Do you think three million is a lot? Add China, India, and other countries with large populations. Then for good measure, throw in some folks from the Cayman Islands and Gibraltar. You are going to have probably close to 100 million people across the globe, that are affected by epilepsy. Now that's a heckuva an army, let General Patton have that, and kick some serious tail with a group of soldiers in that number. The "People of Walmart" wouldn't stand a chance.

Epilepsy affects us all. Perhaps its a family member, a friend, a neighbor. It can have devastating effects, such as what happened to our Tommy, which is by no means an isolated incident. Look up the term "SUDEP", and see for yourself. Even if it does not take the life of your loved one, friend, or neighbor, consider the damage seizures do to them. Their cognitive and mobility will be affected, their body will be physically drained from the seizures, and they are going to require a lot of rest. Many hospitalizations and ICU visits every year, could be avoided if seizures were cured. For those of you who are thinking cost vs. benefit, that should indicate enough of a reason to hop on board with the folks at Vanderbilt University's Kenndy Center and other research institutions, to defeat this menace.

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