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Thursday, June 9, 2011

105.9 the Edge, Mix 107.3, WMAL AM 630: Angelman Syndrome on the Radio with The Spectrum

105.9 the Edge is my favorite radio station in the Washington D.C. area, and its hard hitting format, has finally allowed me to give up cranking CD's or snoozing to books on them behind the wheel. Along with the Edge, I listen to Mix 107.3 for its contemporary music selection, and WMAL for its political commentary. These stations are owned by Citadel Broadcasting Corporation, and it is my distinctive pleasure to thank them, along with Spectrum Radio Host Tom Grooms. He is a "man of his word," and kept a promise to do a show on Angelman Syndrome. It would have been easy for him to forget, with his busy schedule and numerous responsibilities, but he never did. As soon as I emailed him, Tom grabbed the "bull by the horns," to have a show on Angelman Syndrome, the epilepsy that is associated with it, and also about bereavement for a parent who's lost a child. Words are a poor excuse for how I feel about his kindness, but here is the link to his show:

I was nervous doing my first radio show, yet Tom Grooms's professionalism and decency, allowed me to chill out completely. He is a genuine good soul, who cares about the special needs community, and has done a lot of shows that focus on autism. We need more folks like Tom, who understand that these issues need to be brought to the forefront, instead of a lot of the "other stuff" that seems to be overplayed on the radio and television airwaves. Without a doubt, his big heart and gung ho attitude, are a valuable resource for those of us who love somebody with special needs, or want to become involved in the fight to get better services or cure for various conditions. A classy man, and a big thank you to Tom for blazing this trail with such dedication.

The show on Angelman Syndrome is going to air this Sunday, on all three stations listed. If you go to, that is where the information is. You will have to get a cup of coffee for this early morning show, so add a shot of expresso to your mug. Also if you love some with Angelman Syndrome, or have a family member with epilepsy, let's all "like" the stations on Facebook. If you are in the Washington D.C. metropolitan areas and surrounding 'burbs', crank up the Edge. Their format is awesome, and they are the home of the classic and hard rock that you know you love. If you want a bit more laid back music, Mix 107.3 is a good choice, and WMAL 630 is home to excellent politics and news shows. Thanks to Citadel Broadcasting, and hats off to Tom Grooms for being a man of honor, decency, who's willing to help the folks in the Angelman Syndrome Community continue the march forward to a cure.


  1. Congratulations on this wonderful opportunity to spread awareness for AS. I am looking forward to hearing your segment.

  2. Thank you for your kindness, it means a lot. It was a bit nervewracking, but hopefully it was informative and provided enough "plugs" for Suck Feizures and the Angelman Syndrome Foundation :)