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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Big Heart in Oklahoma-A Science Project on Epilepsy and Much More

When I was a young man, the only thing I thought of epilepsy, was that I should be afraid of it. Considering that goes back awhile, and archaeologists are still digging up fossils from that period, as a society, "we've come a long way baby." Epilepsy is frightening, but it is not something to be afraid of, as it affects over three million Americans alone. For boys and girls with disabilities, the rate is much higher. Although recess and lunch were my only two successful subjects, there's a young lady in Oklahoma who's both brilliant and even more importantly, has a BIG heart. Victoria is her name, and what she has meant to those of us fighting seizures, looking for a cure, and being there for her parents is truly spectacular. This brave young lady lives with a younger sister Nancy, who has Angelman Syndrome, which of course seizures are a component, and a brother named Sebastian.

Victoria lives a busy, productive life, and her mother is very proud of her. Recently, she did a science project on Epilepsy, that won a ribbon for its distinction, but even more importantly is educating a future generation in ways we failed. Instead of just sticking to the status quo, she made her science project(pictured above), both visually appealing as well as informative. There's so much information packed in here, and she used her first hand experience to allow others to gain knowledge on the subject, which is necessary due to the high number of folks affected by epilepsy. Victoria's project covered aspects such as what epilepsy is, pics of EEG's for those of a person without this condition and another with it, types of epilepsy, what to do in case of seizure, different types of seizures, parts of the brain that are affected by them, and the medicines being used to prevent or lessen their effects. It is an impressive look at epilepsy and seizures, and Victoria should be commended for a job well done, along with giving others a look at this condition that needs a cure now.

She has made her parents and school proud, but she also has made an entire community fighting seizures pleased as well. Its up to Victoria and young people of her generation, to take up the battle, and generate awareness along with finding a cure for seizures. She has been a "rock" for her mother during tough times, and you just cannot find this type of good character, without a big heart. Victoria, thank you for what you have done, because you are bringing the fight of your sister and so many to folks, whom had no idea of what epilepsy is or the effects that it can cause to a person or family. You are so kind, and have helped educate others on an important subject, that is now finally getting the attention it so richly deserves. As far as I'm concerned, along with a whole bunch of families, you get an A+ for your work, an A+ for your support to your family, and an A+ for your character, values, and big heart.

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