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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thank you Vivint-A Company That's on the Cutting Edge of Technology Gives Back to Those in Need

Being a homeowner is unpredictable, and it makes sense to have an alarm protection system, as well as warnings about potential weather hazards. Vivint is an industry leader in this field, as they have incorporated innovations that go far and beyond anyone else in this area, and they provide solutions that are user friendly and on the edge of technology. Life is unpredictable. If you are the parent of a child with Angelman Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, or other conditions, you know of the constant stress, and pressures that you must encounter on a daily basis. Just like how Vivint brings security to our lives, they have also decided to give back to charities, that greatly help those in the special needs community. Vivint is a company with a big heart, and they deserve kudos for generating awareness of numerous, effective charities, along with supporting two that are in the prayers of many.

These would be FAST(Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics), and the International Rett Syndrome Foundation. Both are excellent charities, that have helped many, and are at the forefront just like Vivint, with regards to finding a cure for these conditions. Angelman Syndrome and Rett Syndrome share a lot in common, as while there are difficulties, there's a lot of love from the parents of those who have been diagnosed with them. Everyday on facebook they are voting for the Vivint gives Back feature, and it has been fun to participate, and also to watch the results piling in to see who will get much needed funds for research and other endeavors. While I'm hoping that the charity called how I drive wins, whomever does is the end is going to help a lot of folks in need.

Thank you to the kind folks at Vivint. You are more than a technology company that makes the lives of families safer, but also helps families who are fighting everyday for mere survival. These families across the US and world are so underserved, and your company has given us a chance at equal footing, to make positive changes that are so needed. A lot of times businesses are portrayed for their negative actions, and its so good to be able to write about Vivint leading by example, and showing the importance of how we are "all in this fishbowl together." Please be sure to support Vivint by looking at their internet site, purchasing their products, and thanking them. Also, don't forget to vote. Each day you get a chance to vote, which is a lot more often than political races, and with tangible results that will bring progress to our causes.

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