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Friday, June 24, 2011

FAST (Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics):Must win the Vivint Gives Back Contest

Right now Vivint's Give Back Program, is getting heated, as it should be. This kind company has twenty finalists, charities that are all doing good works, in a online competition to see who shall get the grant money that so many of us are thankful for. While there is a lot of corporate giving in the US and elsewhere, it would have been easier for Vivint to have just cut a check, but I like what they are doing. They have allowed charities to compete for these much needed research funds, and right now the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics(FAST) is in the lead by just some thirty votes. While there's still a lot of time left, this does not sit well with us, who know that FAST offers a real chance for a cure of Angelman Syndrome, and has a ALL VOLUNTEER STAFF. Talk about commitment, and all of the research money going right to the cure, which has been done with a mouse by FAST's efforts.

Other charities in this voting contest our not evil, and there are a few that sometimes eclipse FAST in votes. They should be admired, as they are all helping people with conditions that need a cure, but its FAST time. Its our once in a lifetime opportunity to get a cure for Angels, and by the grace of God, with our blood, sweat, and tears, we must provide FAST this win. I admit to quoting Edmund Burke, along with General Patton too much, because they are folks that I greatly admire. They were bullheaded, never gave up, and Burke's quote of "All for evil to triumph, is for good men to sit back and do nothing," is a famous one. Take that out of context a bit, remove the evil, replace it with another charity(that's doing good but we don't want to win), and remember to vote for FAST every single day on Facebook.

In order to do this, "like" Vivint, and then add your endorsement to FAST. Its that easy, everyday you can do it. You can get friends, family, even the guy who sings to himself while walking an imaginary dog in your neighborhood everyday. The point of that is, vote everyday, and do not be ashamed to ask folks to help. You are not asking for money out of their pockets, you are not bugging them like those charities in the famous Airplane movie scene where Robert Stack just knocks them on their rear ends, you are telling folks how to become involved with just a click of a computer button. They can do this from home, work, or while drinking fancy named coffees in a wifi establishment, while hanging out with fellow beatniks. It doesn't matter, do what you can, and do not be afraid to ask folks for help. You'll be surprised, when people hear about FAST and how easy this is, they are going to thank you, and also do it. Yet they must every single day.

The way for this effort to succeed, is we must have the heart of champions. That's right, its "Rocky time," and don't make me call "Mick" his grumpy old trainer, to tell it like it is. Its now or never. This is the best opportunity for FAST to get the much needed funding it can, to deliver the cure that thousands across the United States and the rest of the world have been waiting upon. So that is why, it doesn't matter, if you live in Austria, France, Iran, New Zealand, Qatar, Russia, or Zimbabwe, you can vote for FAST on Vivint's Gives Back. Give angelman syndrome parents and families the security that Vivint provides, by voting everyday. This is our time if you click that vote button everyday, because its time to cross the finish line and find that cure.

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