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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seizures Don't Discriminate

It does not matter the color of your skin, or what religion you choose to follow, seizures don't discriminate. For far too long, the human race has focused on these aspects, as if they have something to do with character. They do not. Look at religious battles for a moment, and think about the sheer stupidity of them. All religions have blood on their hands, that's right, all of us have ancestors that were guilty of this in one form or the other. There has been violence between Protestants and Catholics, Sunni Muslims vs. Shiite Muslims, Reformed Jews vs. Orthodox Jews, Sikhs against Sikhs, and of course these religions against other faiths. Its time for us to stop focusing on petty differences, and while its okay to believe in one answer, there's much to be said for "co-existence."

Yes, those silly bumper stickers get old to see, especially when you've counted five of them when stuck in rush hour traffic. Yet, reading the Washington Post this past week, there was an article about an older black man brought in by a white family. Mr. Bronson was too old to take care of himself, and something that he said is quite revealing. Even during the Jim Crow days that were nothing short of oppressive, Mr. Bronson told his children "Everybody is in the same boat regardless of color. Everybody belongs to the Lord." The same could be said about religious differences as well, and his statement is especially appropriate with regards to seizure activity.

There's no doubt in a higher power, because Earth is simply not a gaseous anomaly, but rather a place created by God millenia ago. Seizures cut across every color, religion, economic background, and everything else. They don't discriminate. That's why we should look at the seizure issue, as irrefutable proof of being something that everyone can agree on. We can together be united against this dreadful menace, and extinguish it forever, through the fine folks at Vanderbilt University and other instiutions that are searching for a cure. I know it will happen in our lifetimes, if we can all take a stand together, because we are very much in the same boat, just like Mr. Bronson stated.

This blog has reached all corners of the globe, and its through technology, that the world has become a smaller place. In a few weeks, I plan on listing the countries of which people have been reading it from, and it means a lot that folks of numerous lands have spent some time looking at it. We can unite, regardless of our geographic proximity, and destroy these seizures once and for all. It is too late for my son. It is too late for many children. However, with each step in this battle, we will become more united and closer to finally stopping this menace that has impacted the lives of so many. These folks include every color, every religion, and every economic group. Seizures do not discriminate, nor should we.

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