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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Its A Small World After All-Seizures Affect All

We all know that famous Disney song "Its a small world after all." Yes, we may all not like it, but it is true. You won't catch me humming along to this, or driving down the road at high speeds, with this cranked up on the stereo system. It won't be on anyone's ipod while they work out on that awful treadmill, or sang on American Idol. In fact, this song has the general effect, of being "like nails on a chalkboard." Thankfully, for school children across the world, teachers can't do that on their smartboards.

This blog has had visitors from all over the world, which is proof that both compassion is a shared value no matter what country you live in, and that Tommy's legacy is in every hemisphere. The Vanderbilt program against Angelman related and other seizure disorders "is making its rounds," and people want to become involved in the fight against this medical condition. That is beautiful, and should be a reminder of hope, which is what we all need a bit more of. In our lifetimes we must find a cure for seizures. Although oceans or long distances may separate us, our hearts are all in the same place. Thank you to all who've read this blog, and your support is incredible.

Google has a neat feature that shows hit counts and what countries folks are from, who are reading a blog. It also shows you what operating systems people are using, along with what kind of device is being used. Yawn :). A big thanks goes to the folks in these countries, who've thus proven that this is a global effort, and that is to find a cure for seizures. Please don't "whack me" for not doing this alphabetically, because there isn't enough coffee in my veins, for that to occur at this time. Without further adieu, here are the countries who read this blog: Malaysia, Australia, Russia, France, Greece, United Kingdom,Germany, New Zealand, Canada, United States of America, Argentina, Ireland, Japan, Peru, Brazil, and Sweden. Thank you everyone, as the maps are starting to get dotted, and the efforts to find a cure for seizures is on at full throttle.

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