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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Absolute Victory, Angels on Earth, and the Suck Feizures Collection

The day that my five year old son lay dead in my arms, due to a seizure, will like FDR said "live in infamy." That pain that cut like a knife, that sucked the wind out of my soul, and the anger and depression that followed will never be forgotten. Last night I was looking at Tommy's shoe's, the Spiderman ones, that had the bright blinking light on them. Right now he'd be getting close to seven years of age, running around, and probably able to accomplish a good bit if the seizures could be kept under control. Yet, that would be a big if, if he was still alive. Too many children and people with Angelman Syndrome have seizures, that affect the quality of their lives, and also on occasion take them away from their loving families. There's nothing worse than having your child die, as not a day goes by without you thinking about them, and also wondering so many "what ifs" instead of having tangible answers.

Want to help out in the battle against seizures? I must quote FDR again, in stating that nothing short of "absolute victory" against seizures, will be acceptable. There are multiple ways of helping out with this menace. You can get business and religious organizations together, or make an individual donation to Vanderbilt University's Kennedy Center Angelman Project, which is working on solving these seizures with a high level of intensity. Yet how would you like to generate awareness, and at the same time, by purchasing a shirt from Angels on Earth from the Tommy Collection, help out as well. Each shirt from helps Vanderbilt's project, while also providing you with a fashionable statement, that's sure to garner attention.

"Suck Feizures," the obvious play on words, is a strong statement. Yet when you lose your son, or you are a parent of an Angel who's developmental milestones and health are affected by them, well you want to strike these seizures down forever. I'm not the only parent who's had this experience, and each shirt your purchase from AOE's Tommy Collection helps this nightmare become less of a reality for many who are depending on you right now. I've ordered mine, and am thrilled with how it looks, with the cool customized design on the front, and the strong wording on the back. Its a stylish shirt, and I plan on ordering more, due to being impressed with the quality. These shirts are made with love, by a mother of an angel, who has a heart of gold. Please order a shirt or two, and help generate awareness, along with bringing much needed revenue to Vanderbilt's seizure research.

For the rest of my life on this Earth, I will not see my Tommy again. While I hope to live a long life, when the time comes, I pray that God will reunite us. We have so much to discuss, and I just want to give him a hug, and never, ever let go. You do not know how much you love someone until they are gone. That's why this battle goes on, because until absolute victory is a reality, there's a chance that another parent could lose their son or daughter far too early. There's definately going to be suffering caused by seizures, and that has got to stop. Please consider the AOE Tommy Collection, because each shirt purchased, is a strong reminder that we have a long way to go until the war is over.

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