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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We Walk in Circles: Another Angel Gains His Wings

We all are born, live, and die. That's the order of business, and while there are jokes about in between events, that's the bottom of line. Each and everyday is a blessing, to be cherished with appreciation, but far too often they are viewed as a menace. Yet they are far from that, because what is a menace are seizures. This past weekend, I was saddened to hear that yet another young man with Angelman Syndrome, passed on from seizures. There were a variety of emotions, ranging from anger to sadness, and all in the AS family are deeply affected by such tragedies. Kids with Angelman Syndrome are so cherubic, have so much heart, and truly are better than the rest of us. Their enthusiasm, their smiles, their laughs, and outlook on life are full of love that simply cannot be verbalized.

Right now, a family in a beautiful part of the United States, is facing gloomy clouds. All of our hearts and prayers should be with them, as they are going through the worst possible pain, that any parent should never have to contend with. It is the hardest possible road, full of rocks, that jut out when unexpected, even after the shock of losing a child. They are going to need our prayers, our support, our compassion. All of us have been looking at the pictures of this beautiful family, and have cried tears along side of them, no matter where on this planet we are at. This young man's smiles, and gusto for life, are dearly weighing heavily on this family, who so obviously loved him. He had a blessed life, and may the balloons around the world, be released this Saturday in memory of him.

All of us wish that we could "send the seizures away forever," and it is too late for this young man, along with so many other angels. There have been far too many taken by these, or had their lives affected by them. As a simple man, I do not know the reason why, but I do hope with everyone else that a cure can be found. I sit here this morning typing away, thinking of the beautiful spots of Hawaii that I've never had the chance to venture. The crashing of the waves on the beach, that gentle reminder that we are surrounded, by something so much bigger than each of us. That naturally musical from the soul  sound which has lullaby qualities, may it provide the family with some comfort, as well as them knowing they are not alone. They are far from that, because there are so many that have been through what they are going through right now, and each and every one of us that has not still has tears just as valuable, and just as noble during this time of pain.

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