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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Today Another Angel Gains His Wings

Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.

It goes against the grain, to have to experience, the loss of your child. There is no worse agony, no kick to your soul, that will ever test you as this one. This pain rips apart everything that you held to be sacred, and sends you into a descent that is tantamount to 10,000 deaths all at one time. There's nothing more brutal, more sharp, more jabbing of stabbing knives, and you will never be the same because of it. Today a young man with Angelman Syndrome lost his life, and while it is true that people die every day, every moment for that matter, it is hard to hear about a parent having to bury their child. That's because I've been there, and so many others have as well.

Child and casket don't go together. Young man and obituary don't either. Yet these are the reality, and all of our hearts, should be praying for the family of the young man who has no doubt entered the gates of Heaven, without the encyclopedia set of sins we have incurred on the journey. He got a free pass, right in there, because a child, or a person with special needs, is the direct opposite of the evil, the hatred, and the bad that each and every one of us carries in our hearts. We are all imperfect compared to a child, to a person with special needs, because of the issues we harbor with us each and every single day. These folks see better than what we do, without the prejudices and hardness of life, that turns us into what we swore that we would never become.

All of us must suffer. There are different battles that we must all face, and it is my sincerest wish, that no more children have to die. Yet I am a mere mortal, and it is beyond my power, although I do believe that if we all pray enough, the Good Lord will hear our cries and show grace. Often there is a disconnect from the spiritual realm, but if you walk with the man upstairs long enough, you know there is not a shadow of a doubt of His existence. Why do we have to endure such pain, why are so many families having to bury their children, and pick out what clothing they are going to wear as they are put into the earth? I don't know. It is frustrating, and as all of us like answers, there are reasons for everything, and there is not a thing as a coincidence. Prayers for the family in North Carolina right now, and for all families who've taken this journey, of tears, anger, and confusion that no parent should have to go through. Yet know you are not alone, not from the Heavens that cry along with you, nor the folks on Earth who stand beside you on duty, ready to carry on. 

You will never get over this, but you shall get through.


  1. I saw this link from the mother of the beautiful child/man/son/brother/fried that you spoke of. Thank you.

  2. God bless you, and this family, and thank you for being there for them. May they find peace, comfort, and know that they are truly loved at this most difficult of times any parent has to go through.