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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Running on Empty: Hanging up the Cleats

This past week, I have made the difficult decision, to quit running for good. It was agonizing, as I lost sleep over this, but based upon what my doctor's recommending, and how my body feels, its just going to have to be this way. God closes a door, and opens another one I am sure. There is still biking and hiking, so its not the end of the world, and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to prove a lot last year. Running provided an outlet for a lot of pain, whether it was dealing with the loss of my boy, or just losing weight and understanding "mind, body, and spirit." I enjoyed running in high school, when I could run four minute miles, and this past year I ran a 5:57 mile, which isn't bad for a guy in his late thirties. Also, for the first time, I ran several half marathons. That 13.1 sticker was earned, and with a 7:30 per mile pace, I can rest knowing that even with two prior knee surgeries, that I gave everything I had out there.

The pain at night has been pretty bad, and I was fooling myself after my past knee surgery. Sure, I went out and ran a 7:00 mile, but the swelling became out of control. Now, when the weather changes, I feel it not only in my legs, but all the way up to my spine. Its not normal for someone to eat Advil as if they are "Tic Tacs", and it could lead to liver damage if it continues. Simply put, its not worth it with, what most of us consider "risk vs reward." I am glad that the weather is cold right now, as it has made this decision a bit easier, than if it was during the middle of running season. While I will miss competing, and hanging out with my fellow runners in a sport of so much passion, I encourage those who can, to get out there and move those legs. Running is good for you, and not only does it burn calories, it makes you feel so much better. The amount of energy you'll find is astounding.

I am grateful last year. Running really spiritually helped me to find some happiness, and also meet some amazing people. 2012 was a awesome year, and one that had a lot of valuable lessons. Honestly I never thought I could run half marathons at such a speed, and also lose so much weight, which will now be fought off via other methods. At least I don't have to hear, "Hey Skeletor", from sarcastic individuals who make me laugh with this anymore. Enjoy every moment, and remember that everything has to end eventually. Do I believe in coincidences? Nope. There's a reason I have a new mountain bike, purchased just a few months ago. Its time to "switch gears," and my first goal, is to bike the entire W+OD Trail in one day, and then complete the C+O Canal again. That of course is a five day affair, but perhaps that's in the cards, because while we can't control everything in life, we must deal with what's been handed to us.

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