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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Coming Full Circle at the Udvar Hazy Center

One of my favorite places to visit, in the DC area is the Udvar Hazy Center, which is part of the Smithsonian. I don't know how many times I've been over here, but as an "aviation/space geek," I learn something new on each occasion. Yesterday I spent the time with my three year old son, and in many ways it was, an emotional and spiritual experience. Years ago I took his brother Tommy here, with our family, and on another trip purchased him a spinning globe device that lit up. We walked around yesterday, and while my son was more interested in the elevators and automatic hand dryers, he did love seeing the space shuttle Discovery. If there's a fan circulating, for each time he's had us watch space shuttle launches on you tube, its going at a constant velocity.

I had a profound sensory reaction seeing Discovery, for the first time in person. Yes seeing it on the television, or on top of the Boeing 747 making the rounds, at retirement meant a lot. Yet just standing there, gazing at the shuttle that was "first to flight" after two tragedies, was very inspiring. I thought about the brave men and women, who strapped into this gigantic machine, and launched off into space after witnessing what could only be horror with the Challenger and Columbia. Yet take off they did, and not even gravity could hold them back, as they reached for an orbit some two hundred miles up. They not only defied what could only be described as frightening, but succeeded on every level, and also showed people around the world that never giving up is so imperative to success. That doesn't mean financial or any other number, but rather the fact that you are living a life of purpose.

There was a very emotional reaction yesterday. The same lit up spinning globe, was one of Tommy's favorite toys. His younger brother picked it up, and said "I want this Daddy!." How could I resist? There was no way, and he's already found a way to pretty much destroy it, which is impressive considering Tommy took much better care of his. That one lasted quite awhile. I cried tears, walking by it at first, as I did the stuffed teddy bear, with the astronaut suit on. That was a gift to Tommy, who actually did destroy the "astro bear's" mask. Apparently his teeth were good enough, to get through that durable plastic, and he loved that as well.

I am a happy person this morning, as this is typed. There is much to be grateful for, even with the angst that yesterday's visit brought up. Its a case of mixed emotions, but I'm glad that my boy and I went yesterday, even though it did bring up some painful reminders. Yet at the same time, these toys brought a slight smile too, as I thought "well, at least I did something right for Tommy," by getting him something that he truly enjoyed. His life was cut short at age five, but at least for a moment, he had his fun in the sun. How he loved to make that globe with lights spin, or to have that astro bear in his mouth, now has me sitting here laughing. I miss him so very much, and if God is so kind, I will live a life of purpose and length, along with being reunited with him one day. We have so much to go over, and I hope that we can spin one of these globes together.

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