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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bubbles to Heaven: Its So Close and Yet So Far

Looking at my three year old blowing bubbles, as they descend to the sky, I look upon the clouds and wonder how high Heaven is. Or what realm of spirituality it is in, because there's just so much that we don't know, in our travels on Earth. Perhaps that is the way it is meant to be, because if we had all of the answers, what fun would that be? Today was the first time I've been able to kick up my legs to run, and to go biking today. It felt good, despite the winter blues that have been, in my heart a lot quite recently. I am still a happy man, and hope to live a long life, full of purpose and with family and friends whom I adore so much. Yet with each sun rise and sunset, I'm often wondering what my purpose in life is.

Each of us have probably felt this way, at one point or another in our lives. Sometimes its frustrating, because it seems as if there's not enough time, in any given day. We move through this life so quickly, that it feels as if we lose our connections, as soon as they are established. The ebbing flow of time grows so quickly, that you never realize that you lost that moment, of when you had clear thinking, or a grand idea that might be able to change society for the better. Life is mysterious, and while it is worth every moment, even those saturated with pain, I still have to ask what there is to be done. For some reason I like the title of the book "Purpose Driven Life," as that is what I and everyone else should be doing.

The winter winds are moving in, and the fire place crackles. This warmth is fine, and provides a comfortable environment, of which to write or read books. Yet is there more that can be done, with regards to seizure research, or to reach out to other parents who have lost a child? I don't know, as this seems to be a sort of "intermission." Maybe its a time to reflect, to look back at painful and happy moments alike, and decipher what they mean. I hope that some serious breakthroughs in seizure research can be accomplished in 2013, because sixty five million fellow human beings, need that cure and they need it now. With the sun going down over the horizon, may tomorrow be a day, that delivers that promise.

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