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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Hospitalizations of Angels

Hospitals are staffed by loving nurses, and quite often compassionate doctors. These folks work tooth and nail, to do all they can, to help their fellow human beings out. One place this is almost always evident, is in the Pediatrics wing. I honestly do not know, how people who work in these areas can do what they do, but they are not only strong in character, but have mental fortitude beyond comprehension. Twelve to sixteen hour days are not uncommon for them, and they are often hampered by administrators, who work them to the nth degree. Yet they carry on, like good soldiers, making sure that children and their parents are doing, the best that they can.

Right now there is a young man with Angelman Syndrome in a hospital. May our hearts, and our prayers be with him, along with his Mom who has shown us all the definition of courage. All of us hurt seeing him attached to so many medical devices, and hope that he recovers as soon as possible. Yet it also pains us, to see him and other angels, who no doubt today are in hospitals around the world. Children and adults with AS show a lot of strength, but every single flu or sickness, can severely compromise their immune system. They are champions of life, there is no denying that, but it would be great to see angels live without this, along with seizures and other maladies that are considered part of this condition.

Seeing an angel running in a classroom, or playing in the water, is what makes all of us happy. While we all hope for a cure for AS, I cannot stop smiling, when I see an angel with that cherubic grin. Even on my worst of days, that smile means more than words could ever express. In a perfect world, Angelman parents would all live next to each other, but due to its rarity and so many other factors, that's impossible. Today I hope that each of us pray for a young man out west, and all of the angels who are under hospital care. They need to be playing in pools, putting God knows what in the toaster oven, and just living their lives to the fullest. An angel laugh and smile is the purest thing. Lord, please be there for all angels, and hear parents around the world.

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