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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hope is Where the Heart Is

All of us at one point in our lives, have lost all faith in everything. Each and every one of us, that's on this planet, has baggage. I think I'm up to a complete Samsonite set by now, but what matters, is how you deal with it. Do you let it in a figurative sense, roll around on the turnstiles at the airport, or do you pick it up, and move forward with the lessons learned? All of us have made mistakes, all of us have sinned, all of us are imperfect beings, even with the kindest of intentions. It does not matter what country you live in, or any of the so called labels that all of us get caught in, because at the very bottom of our core, we all have souls that are often weighed down. Recently I read a book called "Changed by Faith," by Dr. Luis Palau, and I agree with him on his assertion that 80% of our problems, are due to unresolved guilt.

How do we deal with such an issue? By facing it head on. If I could count how many times I've been angry or sad, and there was a penny attached to each instance, I'd be a millionaire by now. For the the fleeting moments of happiness, joy, that are to be grasped on with full intensity, I'd have several hundred thousand dollars in my savings account. Life is not an easy ride. Its full of bumps, bruises, and pain so heavy upon the heart, that it does feel as if the world is walking on you. Actually, Hemingway's description of "the word breaking the most toughest of people," is accurate, because there will always be pain, tragedies, and events that make you not only question your sanity, but also "what is the meaning of life." The last one has caused me the most difficulty, and I think to be completely forthcoming, the biggest issue I face regularly is being too hard on myself. Is that a cop out? Nope. A lot of people I've met, in the throes of anguish, that is their dilemma. You aren't alone. Life is an adventure, and that is what we are put on this planet for, this blue marble that is covered with water and inhabited by idiots. Those are of course, someone else :).

You can think you've really "screwed up everything," but in all reality, someone else has "been there, done that." It took years for me to finally admit, and there have been tears associated with this, to realize that each of us has value, and also we are not always going to make the right decision. The learning curve can be harsh sometimes, but ultimately looking in the rear view mirror, I now am able to realize what went wrong, and make corrections on the trajectory of life. Am I now going to never make a mistake again? Never. Just kidding, of course I'm going to. All of us will, but that is where we learn what we are made of, what deep down that blood and guts that is coursing through our veins, can do not only for us but for the lives of others around us in the same heavy shoes.

So often we worry about being inadequate. It paralyzes us and we become complacent, not reaching out for that branch that brings stability, because of the "what ifs." There are no guarantees in life, other than we are born, we live, we die. Its pretty simple, and that is the beauty in a way, because while we don't know our day, those are etched in stone as mortal beings. A smile or laugh, by one of our fellow human beings, can make all of the difference in the world, and I bet you have made more of an impact on others, than you'll ever know. Some of the best things in life, result from quiet faith or what seems to be a coincidence. There's no such thing as that, because these are events, that are in fate meant to happen. Looking at the stars at night, I find it remarkable, that these lights from the cosmos are from years ago. Just reaching Earth now their brightness in the sky, is a reminder that each and every one of us, are a valued human being with unlimited possibilities for living a life of purpose and satisfaction, no matter what curve balls are thrown our way.

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