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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Kids are Alright: The Younger Generation's Future is Bright

The goal of each generation, should be to be better, than the "old guard." This one has often been called "the facebook bunch" or other negative terms, that are far from the endearment that they rightfully deserve. We live in a skeptical society, whether that's human nature or a conflagration of our media and Internet based culture. Yet today I met a young man, who's another shining example, of how this up and coming group of young men and women, are going to be great for those with special needs. Yes we have seen this in classrooms, and parents of children who have serious medical conditions, have been so proud of young people, who show not only respect but love to angels on earth.

This young man's name won't be posted, but it was just music to my ears, hearing about what his plans are. He is seventeen years old, and getting ready to pick which college he wants to go to. Often he spends time with those who have special needs, and a lot of the kids he works with, are on the autism spectrum. He has decided to go  to college, and get a degree in Special Education. With this he will become a teacher, and he wants to incorporate some new ideas into the curriculum. One of these, is connecting further with those who have Asperger's, and trying to get people with this condition, to help him see the world through their eyes. Eventually his plan, is to have those with Aspergers teach at least parts of classes, and show what it is like to contend with this on a daily basis.

I wish him well and Godspeed in this endeavor, because while he is very bright, what impresses me the most is his compassion. May this world, which so often breaks even the toughest of individuals, cave into him rather than the other way around. We are making strides with regards to those who contend with autism and related conditions every day, yet there is still much progress to be made. With this young man, and so many more like him, I have a feeling life is going to improve for so many people and their families. Let's hope and pray that he and these other beacons of light, are able to cross that finish line, so that all people regardless of any ability get equal footing at enjoying life at its fullest.

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