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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Majesty of the Caribbean Sea

There is something spiritual about the Caribbean region, and the sea that has its name. This past week our family went on the vacation of our lifetime, and there were indeed a lot of smiles and laughter. We met so many kind people from around the world at the resort we stayed at, and also many citizens from Mexico as we traveled around the country. It was an honor to learn more about the Mayans, whose civilization I began to get more of an understanding with years ago in a college course, where for once I did not skip a class due to how fascinating they are. Meeting Mayans was remarkable, and while much of their civilization was overtaken, their ideas live on in so many fields. As my wife and I watched our son who is now three, and looking more and more like his brother we so dearly miss, brought so many grins, although I do hope that he will loosen up a bit eventually. He did make a few funny comments during the trip, and seeing him in the pool, reminded us of Tommy who passed away in 2009.

One night I strolled the grounds of the sea, and just looked out, as the Sun went down over the horizon. Tears did go down my face thinking about Tommy, and other children I've met with Angelman Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, along with other conditions that so deserve a cure. My prayers I hope are answered, as I prayed for that and for so many families, who have been in our shoes. Some have been quite recent, and my heart breaks knowing the road that they are now traveling on, because it is one fraught with pain and one that no parent should have to. Yet it is the way of life sometimes, and that is why each and every day is to be considered a blessing. As I looked up at the moon and the sea, I prayed for these parents, these children, and all of their families. It felt good and painful at the same time, as there are no words to describe what it felt like.

A lot of thought went into this walk along the white sands, and the water that was so turquoise in color. While I do believe in Christian tenets, I prayed for all regardless of faith or lack thereof, and felt something among the winds on my back.  Those winds kept me standing. May they keep others as well. Life is such an arduous journey, and our world's history has been one with many challenges, both at a societal and individual one. It felt good to get this recharge of the batteries, because while that is a cliche, I felt like a boy again while playing with the sea lions at an aquarium. There is now some energy again, and while I'm not sure where it is going to lead, I pray that God shows me the correct direction and that I follow that exact trail. God be with all of those who are enduring the loss of a child, because while you never will get over it, you can get through it. Also, to those who have children with a medical condition that needs a cure, help is on the way, as our collective awareness at this point in time is better than ever. The following years with these developments, along with the genome and brain projects are promising. May they bear fruit, because there are so many people on this planet, that are waiting for the time when that light bulb turns on.

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  1. Beautiful!
    Perhaps that wind was a rush of hugs back, from Angels who have gone ahead of us, to light our path when it's our turn to join them.