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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The 2013 Angelman Syndrome Calendar is Awesome

I just got the 2013 Angelman Syndrome Foundation calendar in the mail, and I'd like to give a "shout out" to John who makes these. It was done with love, and I smiled upon opening it, seeing so many angels. The calendar is going to be put in our kitchen, so that each day we can look at these beautiful folks, whom we all very much love. I had never ordered a calendar from the ASF before, but wish I had, as it is a reflection of not only who angels are, but the cure that is so desperately needed. There were some tears as I read the memorials page, and yet at the same time, I am proud of their parents for writing so beautifully about their children missed. They exemplified perfectly, how loving angels are, and truly reminded everyone to appreciate each and every moment.

This calendar is of exceptional quality, and I like how its presented, with pictures of angels. Its colorful, and also educational. There is information on there that is helpful, along with what developments are being worked upon, and future events. Yet my favorite feature, is the birthdays of angels being listed upon the days. I smiled looking at the pictures of angels, many of whom I have met, along with those who I've seen online. Their grins just "turned my frown upside down :)", and provided some comfort. As did the picture of Tommy, our boy who is missed, and his picture of him in his ball pit brought joy that I didn't think it would.

If you go to, you can order one of these calendars. I fully recommend getting one of these, as its a great gift idea for the holiday season. My wife and I enjoy it, and look through it often. Our three year old found Tommy too, which was an experience that we will always be grateful for. Providing that the Mayans are incorrect, as the yogurt in my fridge says good until 2013, this calendar will be a fine reference for putting down information such as meetings and events, and I look forward to going to the kitchen now even more. Thanks again John, as you made our family smile, and its always an honor to see angels, and support an organization that is working tirelessly for a cure while generating awareness at doctors offices and in communities around the world.

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