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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Its Always Someone Else

You see a tragic event on the news, and feel sorry for the victims. Whether its a car bombing, bus accident, or in this past month the savage, evil attack on small children and their teachers, we seem to have short memories. Yes we anguish for these little angels at Sandy Hook, and while there's always political repercussions after such events, we always think, "Its always someone else." That's not callous or to say that a person does not care, but it is probably a survival mechanism, ingrained into us as a means of contending with this harsh world we live in. All of us cried tears for those children at Sandy Hook, and so many other times when evil has walked into a place of innocence. May our prayers, and our hearts be with those children who saw in their last moments something beyond comprehension. Those parents are suffering from an unimaginable grief, because while many of us have lost children to natural causes, they kissed their son or daughter that day never to see them again. To the first responders and the brave Principal and staff, their families are also waking up to a new reality, one that they could have never imagined.

Each day we get out of our beds, there is a chance, that it could be our last day on Earth. There are so many mysteries of life, such as why so many good people die young, and that song from Billy Joel is a reminder of our mortality. Its up to each and everyone of us, how we want to carry our lives. Either we can live in fear, by pulling the covers over our eyes, or embracing life to the fullest, each and everyday. You just never know when it will be your last, and while we all have regrets, may they be minimized by living each day with purpose. This does not require anything special, as the only obligation is to savor what matters, whether that being spending time with loved ones, learning something new, or stepping up to volunteer in your community or for a cause. We are put on this Earth with finite years of life, and our sand glasses are only so full. Most of the time, we don't know when that sand will run out, and for that reason alone, "carpe diem" is the mantra that should be the order of our existence.

This past year, many children have lost their lives, whether it be to seizures, accidents, unforeseen conditions, or in the face of evil. We must cherish their memories. May communities rally around those who are in the midst of pain, that are beyond what any of us can fathom. My prayer is that these families will find solace with one another, rather than being divided by such a disgusting act of hate, and respond to each other with love. They have a long road ahead of them. There will be fallout. That is to be expected, after such a trauma, not seen coming in, with a loaded assault rifle to do nothing short of commit a heinous crime of unspeakable volumes. Yet we should all have hope. We should hug our children even more tightly, and let those in our lives, who mean everything know how much we truly do love them. May the healing begin for the folks of Newton, and around the world where the ripples of this pain have been sent, and with that wave, not allow us to forget that our days could come crashing down upon us at any given moment.

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