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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

John 15:13: The Beautiful Words of Jesus

"There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends." John 15:13. I have always been touched by this passage in the Bible, a book that I still don't fully understand, and there's good reason for using the New Living Standard version. The King James and other editions, are impossible to comprehend. Yet here, clear as day, Jesus says perhaps one of the most beautiful, loving, and inspiring quotes. Whether its in a literal or figurative sense, this is what we all should carry ourselves like, on the journey from birth until its our time to go home. That brave Tbilisi police officer, who years ago, put his life on that grenade to save riders on that train is proof of that very love. Yes he was "doing his job," but yet in that instant that he had to make a decision, he gave his life so that others may live. Fathers, mothers, children all going to school, work, or to a trip to visit friends.

No one ever wants to have to make that ultimate leap of faith, but we all can in a figurative sense. That being supporting our friends, who are dealing with grief, or are in need during the Christmas season. It shouldn't always be "this time of year," but this is the period of the calendar that seems to get the most attention. Right now there are countless people contending with Angelman Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, and other medical conditions that need a cure. The autism spectrum is huge, and by the grace of God, it is partially in our hands to knock seizures to the curb for good. We have the ability to advocate our position, and that line in the sand, that says "we can do something, instead of waiting for someone to do something for us." Complacency is the mother of all battles, and its something we must stave off from. Its fine to take breaks, but the fight must continue on, as that is one of both love and perseverance.

A lot of parents this year are suffering, as they have that Christmas tree in front of them, without their little girl or boy, granddaughter or grandson, niece or nephew, brother or sister. All of us should be praying for them, as this time of year is especially painful. Yet on what John 15:13 brings up, we must love one another. All of us at one point aren't going to see "eye to eye," and there are times that we are at polar opposites on something. That's okay, as we are all unique, human beings. Sometimes battles in life cause one to become ornery, or through pain, can affect the kind nature of our friends that have become distant. Make that connection with them, and forgive. Grudges aren't good for anything, and that's something that took me years to understand, but it really is best for your health to just "let them go." They are extra weight that's not needed.

As we wind the year down, there are many issues on the table. Don't worry about the 12/21 Mayan Calendar, as the food in the fridge says "good until 2013." Instead, let's focus on what we can accomplish this year, and in the next one, that is bound to have medical discoveries that are new. Most importantly, let's shelve the battles of the past, and focus on our connections with one another, as we battle Angelman Syndrome and seizures together. That's right together. Yes, the epilepsy community is a eclectic bunch, but we really are a family. Love one another, as our hearts are needed to be on the same beat, and that is with each other. God bless you, and may we all live these words of Jesus, and may they be in a figurative sense as we work on finding cures and helping out each other navigate the tough woods of life.

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