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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Willi's Ski Shop in Fairfax, Virginia Gets It

There are times that we all lose hope, that we all get so frustrated with what life has thrown in our direction. It can be anything, but a lot of stress can be relieved on the ski slopes. I would like to personally thank Luke and his staff at the Willi's Ski Shop in Fairfax, Virginia. While "Mother Nature," has been a pain this winter, not cooperating with those who love to hit the slopes, the Mgr and his staff don't "play with my emotions" like Smokey did to Big Worm in the movie Friday. No, instead they provide excellent service, and share a passion for skiing, along with being very interested in generating enthusiasm for epilepsy awareness. Luke and I have talked about the Suck Feizures version, that is hitting Big Boulder on February 24-26th 2012. The encouragement and his kindness have meant a lot, and while there's still not a ski lift to the store, there is a lot of just good people down here. These folks understand the love of skiing, snowboarding, and just the concept of being outdoors, and what it means in a spiritual sense.

A big hat's off to Luke and his folks, who are fine representatives of the sport of being "winter warriors." I have always been pleased, as has my wife with how they treat customers and provide excellent information on everything from ski's to a good jacket. Yet, what really makes the difference is their enthusiasm. It is contagious, and in a good way, as they aren't giving out the flu. Instead, they immediately knew of how helpful ski resorts were with paving the way for those with special needs or epilepsy related conditions, and they are very much a part of the process. This winter weather must arrive soon, because the ski resorts and those who just love to hit high speeds or crash into trees are, just waiting for this opportunity. God willing that shall happen soon, but I would like to thank the fine people at the Willi's for being bold, for not being stale like so many ski shops, and understand that this sport is more than just being on pieces of material. Instead, its about what comes from the heart, and they are kind to those with epilepsy and very supportive as well. Be sure to visit their location near Fairfax Circle, and get your ski's, boots, and perhaps that helmet to protect your chrome dome if that is an issue.

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