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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Special Needs Children-Stickers Do Help First Responders

If you have a special needs child, what are you going to do when, not if you are in a car accident? That's right, when? Statistics show that in most areas of the United States, and in other parts around the world, that you will be in a car accident every 4.5 years. Some of these are mere fender benders, but sadly some of these are wrecks that can lead to traumatic injuries or worse. At $6 plus shipping, wouldn't you like to have some "peace of mind," when you are involved in an automobile accident, especially if your child/young adult has a condition like Angelman Syndrome, or others, where their verbal abilities are limited? It does not matter whether you are in a rural or urban setting, with regards to accidents, or if the police, firefighters, and paramedics are paid or volunteer. What does is with regards to the proper triage, and in the case of a child with conditions where a person might not speak, move well, or have seizures, it is imperative to have them sent to a facility with the best possible "CRASH/TRAUMA" team. These decisions are handled at the scene of an accident.

A 5"x5" bright yellow display sticker, placed on your back car windows, makes a lot of sense. That color of course is one that is going to capture the attention of a first responder, or good samaritan in some cases who's a civilian, and might just expedite the process to making sure the right treatment and equipment is used in rescue situations. Knowing what you are dealing with, rather than what you are not, is paramount when in these cases. At only $6, plus minimal shipping, and with discounts for more items from, you can alert citizens and the authorities alike, when you have a automobile accident, that you have a child, or adult with special medical needs that is going to require another forms of medical attention. This well constructed and designed sticker is a brilliant yet necessary consideration, with regards to these types of situations, and its another "safety net," that should be in your arsenal.

How about the reliability of Perfect. You will not have any problems here, and Tami the propreitor, is a fantastic parent and loving mother, of a child with Angelman Syndrome. Yet what if your child doesn't have Angelman Syndrome, but a condition with movement difficulties, is non-verbal, and contends with seizures? Well, there are plenty of other diagnoses that involve all three of these, so this sticker can be helpful for children that fit this category as well. Do not wait until you are in a wreck. We all hope not to be, but there is a saying from "Grumpy Old Men," that is appropriate for such a wish. Therefore, it is important to order this highly visible sticker, that can help first responders save time, and perhaps also save a life. Think about the Boy Scouts Motto, "Be Prepared." This falls right into line with that, and all it takes is a red light accidentally being run, someone texting while driving, or just a series of events to happen, that can disrupt everything in mere seconds. By ordering these safety stickers at, you can have greater peace of mind, and help out first responders when, not if that accident occurs.

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