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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hipperbibs-Its Cool to Drool-"Stylin' and Profilin' Do you have a child with special needs, who you want to help with one issue? Drooling. Yes, for those who have conditions where this is an issue, how about some fashionable ways, of making the drool "cool," and also fashionable? Hipperbibs since 2007, has been empowering children and parents around the world. Its not only kids in the United States that are wearing these high quality, good looking accessories, but rather boys and girls from the" stiff upper lip" United Kingdom, the "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out" Canada, or those "running from the bulls" in Spain. These are all over the globe, and it doesn't matter which country you live in, what condition your child has, but rather would you like your child to have a device that helps with drool, looks cool, and might have a chewy attached to it?

The owner of Hipperbib, Susan Winfrey, is an incredible, loving mother to Ian. He is a handsome young man, and like other kids with Angelman Syndrome, or other conditions such as Rett Syndrome, Mowat Wilson Syndrome, Dravet's Syndrome, Cebrebral Palsy, or anything else that can lead to drooling, each human being is valued. Each girl or boy deserves to be treated with dignity, and Susan and her loving efforts, have helped parents from a host of countries do just this. Whether its Brazil, or soon to be the Rock of Gibraltar, that's right, parents in Gibraltar, you do rock pardon the pun. You can get Hipperbibs, wherever on the globe you are located. These cloth accessories are machine washable, and they have snaps that allow them to be easily put on your child, along with the new Infinity bibs that are more durable than a Cadillac from "back in the day." Each one is affordable, hand designed and sewed, made with complete love and customized for your child's needs.That's right, even your teams can be represented. Wouldn't you love a Boston Red Sox or Dallas Cowboys, or any other team for that matter, on a bib? Starting out at $7.50, every ten you buy, there's one free. How often can you find that kind of deal? Keep searching, but the spot is hipperbibs.

From her family to yours, you can rest assured that at, you will find a wide array, the selection of hipperbibs, chew products that allow your child to better concentrate on school and other areas of life, is a "one stop shopping" type of place. You do not even have to leave your living room, as you can order online, from the comfort of your couch. How cool is that? Read the testimonials and see for yourself, as parents of children with all conditions are more than pleased. In fact, they are thrilled, and just by going through the patterns, the designs, and the options, this is a way to pick up something that you and your darling child will love. The quality, along with the love producing these, and their price makes them attractive for any time of year, and climate as well, as you can have one that covers only a bit or more as needed. The folks at Chevy, Nissan, and Porsche wish they could have this kind of showroom, and there's no reason you should have to be hassled by a tweed shirt wearing salesman. Instead, there's no pressure, you just go on and look around. Susan is always available for questions about these, and she is more than reliable. What you order you shall get, and she has been deeply touched by hearing how appreciative, her customers are of her dedication to such a beautiful cause.

The best part about Hipperbibs, is that you have a parent, who understands the shoes you are walking in. While Angelman Syndrome is what Ian has been diagnosed with, Susan's love not only extends to him and others with this condition, but anyone whom could benefit from products that help with drooling issues and chewing types of behaviors. That counts for a lot in this world, which isn't always easy, but it is more so to be connected with someone who's "been there, done that." Susan certainly has, and Hipperbibs is an example of how, 1+1=2 came to fruition. Love. This is a result of that, and she has a loyal customer base, family that has become family, for the reason that her heart and her products carry both of them at the same time. She could have just made a few designs, that would offer drool protection, but instead she has gone the proverbial "extra mile" in making so many, that parents from all corners of the globe will find one to fall in love with. Your child will look great with one of these, and her vast array of ways to help make them more fashionable, is exciting and does prove that "it is cool to drool." For more information check out Hipperbibs at Remember buy ten, get one free! These reversible bibs are made with love, and Susan's customers have become family.

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