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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Suck Feizures!

It is a bit early, but I think we can pop out the champagne a bit, in saying "Happy Birthday" to Suck Feizures. This is a facebook group, that is more than that, it is a family of people whom have seizures, or love someone with them. Each and every single member of "Suck Feizures" does not pay any dues, as they already have enough in their lifetimes, and this will probably not be a 501 C charity, due to the fact that there are already established charities we can get behind. Whether it is the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, Epilepsy Foundation, or others that are all four stars or higher in the Charity Navigator rankings, much work is to be done still. However, the first year has led to some exciting breakthroughs on Suck Feizures, and what started out on Dec 25 2010 is now 1370+ good souls, working together to battle seizures head on. Already projects have been completed, to help with research, make connections, and build a solid rock bottom foundation on what we can all build upon.

The folks of Suck Feizures are spread around the world, making up every background. Seizures do not discriminate, and neither do we. There is love, and that is how the war on seizures is being waged. We miss the casualties among the way, but yet we continue to stand tall, up front and center, even if there are tears coming down our faces. That is no sign of weakness, rather of a determination that cannot be bottled up, and it is the key to getting researchers the awareness and the funding that they so very much need. It is simply unacceptable, that in 2011, only 1/2 of 1% of U.S. medical research is devoted to epilepsy related causes. Morally reprehensible, and that is going to be switched to a much higher percentage, with our efforts and resilience. Many members of Suck Feizures have lost a loved one on the way, yet they continue to fight. Others contend with seizures that get in the way of them fulfilling their college or employment dreams, or have led to children being hospitalized for weeks on end. Yet none of these people is giving up, which besides the spirit that comes from up above, is proof of the relentless human spirit that just not know how to put the brakes on. There's no cashing in the chips, rather there is a "it is our now time" attitude, and indeed it is. We are now entering an era when social media, other technologies, and biology and medical advances are moving at blistering speed. These are great, but it is our responsibility to take the lead, and put a human face, our pain, all we have experienced, and lay it out good, bad, and otherwise.

2012 promises to be even more exciting for Suck Feizures. We are doing our first ski trip, that is going to be held at the Poconos Resort of Big Boulder Park in Pennsylvania. It is due to the dilligence of members, of partnerships with other causes, that events of this magnitude are possible. On May 27 2012 there will be "Epilepsy Awareness Day" at Hillsbourough Vineyards, one of Virginia's best rated wineries and our members and others shall be there that day as well. Also, a tour to NIH, in Bethesda MD is tentatively scheduled for this spring/early summer, and more events including guest sermons, television appearances, and radio station shows are in the works. There is no giving up. If you want to be part of a facebook group that is "lean and mean," yet shows love, passion that truly emanates from the heart, "Suck Feizures" might just be where you want to be. Yes, the name, the purple sweatshirts and the black t-shirts that say this might be a bit too much for some, but seizures have been too much for a lot of people. Its time we kick them to the curb forever, and one day Suck Feizures and other groups, will no longer have that name. Instead it will be "We Beat Seizures," and that day will be when we forgo the cheap champagne, drink the good hooch, and have a damn good cigar to celebrate a victory that so many have dreamed of. Yet, we must not rest on our laurels, we must not dream, as this is about results until that very day. Suck Feizures and Happy Birthday!

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