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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Family Needs Your Help, Let's Do This!

All of us are at a minimum related to each other 3%, and one of our family members is suffering. The word "suffering" is used quite a lot, but to grasp the significance of what they are going through, there's just no way at all. If you have heard the John Mellencamp song "Small Town," you know the type of place in Maine where these wonderful folks live, and some of their neighbors have stepped up. Yet in the untimely death of a father, many don't know what to say, or even that help is needed. People have their reasons for not wanting to be there for this family, and to a degree its fine, because many of us are hurting economically, or simply don't know what to say.

When I heard the news of the "Mac's", my heart dropped, because I understand what its like to lose a child. The gut wrenching pain they endured several years ago, its something close and very clear, because its a road that no one should ever have to go down. Yet they have done so with both courage and grace. Burying your little girl, granddaugter is something you shouldn't have to do, but it is the reality of each and everyday, with answers being far from forthcoming. The winds may kick up, the Sun might rise from the east and set to the west, but everything previously known is thrown out the window.

Now this family has lost the father, the head of their household, and they need our help desperately. I will not judge him, and nor should anyone, because we all face our demons. Some of us can move on through life's hoops, while others fall by the wayside. His wife thankfully has her mom and other family around her, but they have been through a physical, mental, and emotional toll already enough. Then this added on top, along with all kinds of debts now pushed in their direction, makes them down the river without a paddle. There has never been a more clear and present issue that can be resolved, and the family is grateful for all of the support it has received, to keep the electricity on, or people from shutting their house down one month ahead of a baby's birth.

It doesn't matter if you donate $1. Nor $5, or even $6.99. What does is that each donation to will go directly towards helping this family. They need our help, and they need it now. All of us want to see a healthy baby born, along with a seven year old girl, getting the professional help and guidance needed to carry on without her father. Seven years old. That's right, just a little one, who needs to not only feel our love but see the action produced by that. She's just in elementary school, and has her whole life ahead of her. She already has lost her sister, and now her father. There's no way to say it other than how horrific this is. As adults, we are better equipped for traumas, but she is at a age where we need to step up. Thank you for reading this, and if you can help this family, or spread this message, it would be appreciated by them and so many others.

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